How do you feel about repeats?  Personally, I’m not a huge fan.  I almost never watch the same movie twice (exceptions made for James Bond and Jason Bourne).  I don’t buy movies on DVD specifically for this reason.  I don’t watch too many television repeats either, nor will I read the same book twice.  In general I don’t even like to travel to the same places, but prefer exploring a new destination.  I try not to repeat my furniture makeovers either.

repeats title

But sometimes I repeat smaller projects because I loved them so much the first time around.  Such is the case with my painted hatboxes.

I painted my first one back in February of last year.  It was painted using chalk paint though, which made the transfer process a little tricky.

hat box on suitcase

I then improved on the idea back in March by using Fusion paint instead …

painted hat box

It worked much better because it held up well to getting wet when removing the paper after the transfer.

When I ran across a couple of cardboard hatboxes at a garage sale last summer for a dollar each, I grabbed them so that I could make more faux French hatboxes.

repeats before

I used the same basic process as before (check out those previous posts for more detail).  I painted them in a couple of layers of Fusion paint, then used a gel medium to transfer mirror images that had been printed on a laser printer.

repeats 1

I used a few different graphics.  I used to always get my graphics from Graphics Fairy, but lately I’ve found some good ones on pinterest also.

I actually purchased this next graphic a couple of years ago on Etsy.  I think I paid a few dollars for it at the time.

repeats 3

If perfection is your goal you might not like the results you get with a gel medium transfer, but I like the aged and worn look.

repeats close up

How about you?

repeats 2

19 thoughts on “repeats.

  1. Love these and that vignette omg!!! I have to add this to my list of “things to try”. Where on earth do you find those great suitcases? Was this one originally black or did you paint it?


    1. I purchased this particular suitcase at an occasional sale and it was already black (you can read about that here). I loved the combination of the camel colored leather handle and trim with the black sides. I try to pick up vintage suitcases whenever I see them at a good price ($20 or less). I use a lot of them in my furniture photos!


  2. Your hatboxes are wonderful! I wanted to pick one up up at your sale, but missed it. I have a few with floral print, I would like to update and change out. If you ever want to have a party/class painting them, I am in!


    1. I have thought about a class, but the process goes sort of like this; paint for 30 seconds, wait while it dries, paint for 30 seconds, wait while it dries, add gel medium and graphic, wait overnight while it sets, remove paper. So … not really conducive to a class setting. I could potentially send people home to remove the paper the following day, maybe? I’ll have to give that some more thought. Might be fun for a quick evening class.


  3. Never get tired of seeing these. Love them all. I think I might be a repeat offender… my books and will watch certain movies over for the gazillionth time if I come across them while channel surfing. And I always repeat view your posts! 🙂


    1. Thanks for that Diane! That’s awesome that you repeat view my posts! Well, I am sure that you are not alone. I have quite a few friends that love repeats too!


  4. I am lucky enough to have the first hat box created and it looks great in my master bath/closet area! Definitely a repeat project.


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