industrial meets farmhouse.

A while back I was headed home on my lunch hour (I live very close to my day job office) and I happened to see a garage sale sign.  Cue squealing brake noise.

I remembered having stopped at a sale on the same street a year or so ago, and if this was the same house they had some great stuff!

Sure enough, it was.  And once again, they had some great stuff.

I came home with a carload of fabulous finds.  I shared this photo on my Facebook page at the time.  Lucky I drive a convertible!


One of the items I picked up at that sale was this metal base (that’s it in the front passenger seat too).


I think this was probably the base to an old typewriter stand.  It likely had a wood top with drop leaves on either side.  I was really drawn to the chippy paint and to these cool industrial looking wheels.


I knew Ken would make short work out of cutting a new top for it out of some scrap barn wood that I had lying around.


Sure enough, I came home from work on Monday to find the finished product waiting for me in the carriage house.

I only had to do one more thing.  The newly cut raw edges of the barn wood looked pretty fresh.


We can’t have that!  So I rubbed some antiquing wax into those fresh cuts to ‘dirty’ them up a bit.


So shabby industrial metal base meets farmhouse salvaged barn wood.


I’m showing this little stand used as a small side table, but I also think it would make a great plant stand.  I’m also thinking about using it at Christmas as a tree stand.  I could put a small tabletop sized tree on it.


What do you think?

19 thoughts on “industrial meets farmhouse.

  1. I love how you staged this picture! The fading hydrangeas and scattered fallen leaves give a mellow, warm and restful feeling. A nice effect for a table and chair that have already been used well. The picture reminded me that fall is marching along and soon we’ll be welcoming winter.


  2. Chippy paint and barn wood, what’s not to love? Another great rescue. I so want to be the lady who drives through town in a convertible full of garage sale finds.

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    1. It is kind of fun 😉 The last time I shopped at that particular garage sale I ended up with two old screen doors sticking up out of the back seat. Luckily, it’s only a few blocks from my own house so I didn’t have to drive far with those screen doors.


  3. You’re putting that VW to good use 😉 I have a major affinity for typewriter stands and love this one. It would look great with a tree on it, or with your typewriter with a holiday note in it! Already missing garage sale season…


    1. Me too! The weather had been so nice up to last week that Sue and I were finding a few lunchtime sales here and there, but most of them were dreadful. We also headed out to a church sale last week and I came away with a gorgeous ironstone casserole (for $1!) and a vintage leather train case. But now that it’s getting colder (and drearier!) sales are really going to dry up. 😦


  4. Oh, I am excited! Just bought a metal typewriter table and am now thinking of taking the metal top off and doing this! Thanks for the great idea!


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