a small cupboard.

I picked up this little cupboard at the St. Anthony Park garage sales a month or so ago.


I knew it could be so much better with just a few tweaks.

I had checked before I purchased it to be sure that it would be easy to get that wood inset in the door out of there.  I looked at the back of the door and saw that there were two stops holding in place.  In case you don’t know what that means, this is a ‘stop’ …


It’s a narrow piece of wood, usually nailed in place, that holds the glass in place … or in this case the wood inset.  It was easy to pry that out and then remove that inset.


Be sure to go slowly and pry gently if you are planning to re-use a stop, they are really easy to break (I’m speaking from experience on that one).


You are probably thinking that I removed the wood so that I could replace it with glass, or I could have gone with my favorite trick, grain sack material.  But no, this time I wanted to use old screening.  I just happened to have some!


Yep, I paid a quarter for it at a garage sale!

I cut it to fit and used my stapler to tack it in place.  Then I replaced the shiny brass door handle with this rusty, crusty one full of delicious patina.


And finally, I lined the back of the inside with the pages from an old Swedish bible.


I ended up going with ironstone inside …


But I also tried vintage cameras …


And old clocks …


But the ironstone was definitely what did it for me.


 How about you?

25 thoughts on “a small cupboard.

  1. I see you have not posted this under the local for sale category. The screen was the perfect application for this sweet piece. Love all your collections but the ironstone is my favorite.


    1. LOL, that’s right Victoria. I’m actually keeping this one! It doesn’t happen all that often, but sometimes I just can’t part with stuff. Of course a year from now when my next sale rolls around I may be ready to move on, you never know 😉


  2. This is adorable…no wonder you are going to let it hang around for a while! Where did you put it in your kitchen? Love how you opened it up and used the screening. Genius!


  3. Linda, that turned out so cute! I love the clocks, too. The ironstone is great…maybe some boxes & tins of tea tucked in with it could make it your little tea cupboard! ☕️


  4. This little cupboard would be a real “find” at your next sale 😉 because it could be adorably functional in any room of the house…but I really like Patty’s idea of a tea cabinet!


    1. I did set that panel aside for future consideration, but I’m not sure if I’ll ever come up with a use for it. It’s gone into that pile of ‘stuff that I might need someday’. Everyone has one of those piles, right?


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