french pumpkins.

When it comes to fall decorating, I’m not exactly a traditionalist.

Last year I made a French pumpkin using Fusion’s transfer gel and a printed French opera graphic.  And you’ve all seen my ‘hello fall’ book page banners.

This year I decided to add another white pumpkin to my line up.

I started out with this orange wooden pumpkin wall hanging with a decidedly 90’s country look.  In fact, I do believe I’ve probably owned this since the 90’s.

First I de-countrified it by taking off the heart and the “Autumn Greetings” top.

Next I painted it white with some Homestead House milk paint in Sturbridge White.  Once that was dry I sanded it to distress, vacuumed off the dust and then added a Iron Orchid Designs transfer.

I totally ignored the fact that pieces of the design got lost in the cracks.  It really doesn’t matter.  I was going for a very distressed look anyway.

Next I sanded lightly over the transfer with 220 grit sandpaper.

Since I was planning to hang this outside, I added a top coat of the Real Milk Paint Co’s Dead Flat to protect both the milk paint and the transfer.  However, you should note that Dead Flat is not intended for outdoor use.

I have it hanging on the carriage house where it is partially protected from the elements by an overhang and it will only hang here for a month or two, not year round of course.  Still, I’m taking a bit of a chance.  If it gets ruined I will only have myself to blame.

How about you, are you more of a traditional orange pumpkin sort of decorator?  Or do you also prefer some pumpkins with a french twist?





21 thoughts on “french pumpkins.

  1. I love it! While cleaning out a section of my basement I came across a pair of wooden scones that had heart cut outs in them( from my ‘country days’)and my first thought was oh those hearts have to go. I think I had quite a lot of things with those hearts. I still like them just not with my current decor. Thank you for sharing!


  2. Oh, yes, the country hearts! There is a store not too far from you that still sells the old country primitive look…like stepping back in time! I used traditional Halloween colors until my children left home, then started with the non-traditional colors which I love. I think they are timeless, but let’s check back on that in 10 years when you post about Halloween! Who knows what will be “vintage” in a few years.


  3. First off great save with the pumpkin sign I really like it. Don’t those transfers kill it? Just love your vignette looks great against the carriage house. I have a white sided home so white pumpkins basically disappear. I have some faux pumpkins I use on my porch steps that I painted copper.


  4. It’s a nice update to something you already had. I did a lot of white and blue and green pumpkins for many years but I was ready to go back to orange this year with just one or two white pumpkins. I was just ready for that pop of orange again. Love the last picture in front of your carriage house.


  5. Hi there…I do not have anyFrench pumpkins but I have a lovely collection of velvet pumpkins in various sizes. Gold,rust brown,white, big and small. One sits on top of a tall candle holder,another on a bunch of pine cones,one under a glass dome and on it goes , very pretty. I love fall decorating, rust and green leaves, pomegranates, orange berries etc.,We have finally come into fall weather.I think summer came the end of August all of September and part of October, but this morning my toes were cold under my summer covers. Oh well it was bound to happen. Luv to Mom and Debbie and you too


  6. Cute save! I can appreciate a re-use like this. So many people in our area still have the geese on their porch with outfits for the different holidays, it just kills me! We still have stores around too that sell the stuff. I still have a few things, but have gotten rid of the outdated and crafty things.


  7. What a great idea! I’ve got a large sign that I haven’t hung for years because it was too country. Why I never thought to repaint it, I can’t tell you. Thanks for sharing! Cynthia


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