st. anthony park.

Somehow I was thinking that neighborhood garage sale season was over.  Luckily my friend Sue gave me a heads up on the St. Anthony Park sales this past Saturday, so Debbie and I headed out at the crack of dawn to see what we could find.

SAP is another gorgeous neighborhood full of older homes in St. Paul, MN.  My sister is often so busy admiring the homes that she forgets to keep an eye on the road!  For us half of the fun of these neighborhood sales is getting to prowl around residential areas admiring the houses and the gardens without anyone calling the cops.


At our very first stop of the morning I grabbed so many things from the ‘free pile’ that we had to make a trip back to the car before we even looked at the items for sale!  Then we had to make two more trips to load up the car with our purchased items including the darling table with green legs.  I’ve already started stripping the top of the table because it had been very poorly refinished, but my sister thinks I should leave the green legs.  What do you think?


After our second stop I was nearly out of money and the car was pretty much full.

By our third stop I had to carefully make room to squeeze in this fantastic oak desk chair.  I’ve painted a few of these chairs in the past and although they can be putzy to paint, they always turn out fantastic.  My sister grabbed the pair of linen throw pillows.


By our 4th stop, I had to borrow some more cash from my sister to buy this phone.


I purchased this spatula just because I like the typography on the handle, and I purchased the book just because I liked the photo on the jacket.


I thought the spatula would look good mixed in with some wooden utensils.


I’ve saved ‘find of the day’ status for this washboard.  I’ve never seen one with a galvanized top like this before.


I might keep it, or my sister might want it, or it might end up in my sale.  At this point it’s anyone’s guess.

38 thoughts on “st. anthony park.

  1. Score! Love a good free pile! It’s especially good at this time of year, when they’re winding down. I vote to leave the green legs as well. Isn’t this technically still the year of green?


  2. All fun items. That table spent need any new paint …I agree with your sister.
    My favourite is the book…I loved The Shipping News and this book is likely a good read. And the movie was superb.
    A great curated collection!


    1. Ha, I’m glad you cleared that up Janice. Normally I can figure out what was meant despite a typo (or auto correct), but I wasn’t sure this time 😉 I liked The Shipping News as well, so I’m optimistic about the book.


  3. Your finds are terrific! I love the table as is, but maybe you can put a coat of similar green on top of it to make it look ‘fresh’ – but after a good scrub and light sanding and sealing you might just feel like it’s better left alone. There is something to be said for original patina. I love the washboard, the raised typography is great. It’s a good thing that we live in different states, we’d be fighting over the same stuff. I went to a couple of estate sales this past weekend, I try to hit them close to the end when everything is ‘fill up a bag for $5’ or 90% off. Garage sales are just not as productive around here (at least the ones I have stopped at).


    1. Garage sales are not always terribly productive around here either. That’s why I like the neighborhood sales, you can hit 40 – 50 sales in a concentrated area in one day. Even if only 10% are good, that’s still good odds that you’ll find something!


  4. Even though it may narrow the purchasing field a tad I vote to keep the legs green. They remind me of the vintage kitchen utensils that have the red painted handles. Except, occasionally, I have seen those handles painted this color of green too. I have a Pottery Barn black and cream striped pitcher from about four years ago full of my utensils. I have not separated the metal from the wood like you have here. This is a nice look. It makes your new find with the topography handle really stand out. If the metal, plastic and wood ones were mixed together it would have been lost. Good eye Linda. I also spy the enamel bucket. I always love those full of red geraniums. Quite a haul ladies. I know having Deb to scout these sales with you is real treat.
    My favorite has to be the table but gee the phone and that great chair hard to pick. I have been searching for a swivel chair similar to that one for my husband’s office for years.


    1. Clearly Debbie has not been reading my blog today, because otherwise she certainly would have chimed in by now to gloat over the fact that everyone is taking her side on this!


  5. Thanks for sharing your finds, would love to have some of those goodies! Please consider leaving the green legs as is, beautiful! Lucky you!


  6. Great finds. Wish I was close enough to buy the phone and little white cupboard. Can’t wait to see the table finished, I vote for original green legs too!


      1. Actually, in this case that wouldn’t be too hard to do. Before I purchased the little cabinet I took a close look to see if I could remove that wood backing behind the frame of the door and I can easily do that (famous last words maybe!). It’s just a thin piece of wood held in place by some stops. Reproduction wavy glass isn’t too hard to come by these days either. But I have another idea in mind. We’ll see if I can pull it off! You’ll have to stay tuned!


  7. Hi Miss Q, I have gotten hooked on Pinterest, I’ve created about sixty boards in the last three weeks. It is so fun! Anyway, I hadn’t been on my usual blog loves so it was so fun to open up your blog this morning and have a look. I was so not disappointed! The minty mid century turned out so cute. Glad to learn about Rachel Ashwell primer. I have had some bad experiences with bleed thru, not gun. Love the black dresser, I just might see if a little dresser I saw on CL is still available, it would darling black. The haul you and your sister got at the sale is to die for! Love the green legs and tell your sister I want those yellow and white pillows so badly! They are sooo cute! Anyway, thanks for all of the inspiration and eye candy!


    1. The Rachel Ashwell clear primer works fantastically on bleeding stain situations. In fact, I just came in the house from my workshop where I used it on what I believe is an ink well stain on a secretary desk that I’m working on. I painted over the circular stain and it totally bled thru. Now I’ve added a coat of the clear primer just over that spot. Tomorrow morning I’ll probably add a 2nd coat of primer for good measure because the stain is really dark. I’ll be sure to report back on how well it works, but I expect it to work perfectly. I’ll also be sure to tell my sister about your pillow envy 😉


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