hooray for the red, white and blue.

hooray for rwb

Happy 4th of July!

And to all of my readers from other countries, happy Monday!

I’m probably sitting on a beach at the Jersey shore right now, but I scheduled this post in advance so you all wouldn’t miss me too much 😉

Earlier this summer I picked up a few kid-sized chairs at various garage sales.  I love painting these little chairs.  You can see others I’ve painted {here}, {here}, {here} and {here}.

Yep, I’ve painted lots of them and since I didn’t want to repeat myself I had to really give some thought to what I wanted to do with them.  I definitely wanted to go with milk paint for a chippy, aged look.  On the first chair, I started with Miss Mustard Seed’s Flow Blue.  I added an off-centered grain sack stripe in white using a stencil and some white acrylic craft paint.

bue chair

For the second chair I pulled out Miss Mustard Seed’s Tricycle.  I didn’t want these chairs to match, but I wanted them to coordinate.  Red seemed like a good choice.  Once I had the chair painted, I gave some thought to what sort of embellishment to add.  I didn’t want to do the same stripe as the first chair.  So, I went with a Swiss flag look.

red chair

I used frog tape and just taped off the cross and painted it with Fusion’s Limestone.

Then, since I seemed to be on a roll with the blue and red, and since the 4th of July was coming up, I decided to paint the third chair in Miss Mustard’s Farmhouse White.  I also added a simple little stencil to the seat.

white chair

Which gave me a trio of chairs in red, white and blue!

rwb angle

Perfect for a 4th of July blog post.

rwb chairs seats

I love the idea of hanging the chairs in a row on the wall to act as shelves.

rwb on wall

You could keep your vintage American Government book on them.

american gov

Wouldn’t this book be fun to use as a 4th of July table decoration?

I took the chairs, the books, and even the little sailboat off to Reclaiming Beautiful a week or so ago.  Hopefully they will find new homes from there!

17 thoughts on “hooray for the red, white and blue.

    1. That’s awesome, I’m always happy to hear from someone who purchased one of my items. That sailboat was so cool. I’m sure some kid sailed that on Lake Nokomis back in the day 😉


    1. I don’t usually use bonding agent. If I’m worried about too much chipping I tend to try sanding to reduce chipping rather than bonding agent. But in the case of these chairs, I would have been fine with lots of chipping. In fact, I used some hemp oil to create a ‘resist’ around the edges of the white chair before I painted it and that’s what gave me the chipping on that one.


  1. Happy 4th to you, too, Linda! I love, love, love the chairs. Enjoy your coastal vacay and hopefully you are listening to the waves break as you read your comments!


    1. LOL, that’s exactly what I was doing Laura! I read your comment while sitting on the beach in Ventor, NJ. Both your comment and the beach were perfect 😉


  2. Love the chairs. Have fun at the beach. Did you want Anthony Bourdain at the Jersey Shore? Those steak sandwiches sure made me hungry.


    1. I have a secret ‘thing’ for Anthony Bourdain (shhhh, don’t tell Mr. Q), but I never saw his Jersey Shore episode. Now I really wish I had. I’m going to have to look for that.


  3. Ok I bit I took the journey down memory lane and clicked on all the previous children’s chairs you have painted. Wowza girl – I am glad I did because I had missed Mr. Q’s “time out” comment way back when. Today’s trio is enchanting you are so clever. In particular I love the three ahngingconcthe wall as shelves. If I had a boutique I would definitely use this for merchandising. Happy 4th!


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