a teeny tiny chair.

tiny chair title

A couple of weeks ago when I purchased the pair of vintage school desks, they also came with this sweet little teeny tiny chair.

tiny chair before

I know that rusty patina isn’t everyone’s favorite, but I like a little well placed rust.  In the case of this chair, I decided that I didn’t want to paint it at all.  I just wanted to add a little extra pop of something.

So I added some Tim Holtz rub-on numbers to the back rest, as well as just below the seat.

chair numbers 2

chair numbers

Then I tried to use it in the school desk photos, but it just looked a little odd tucked under the desk.

tiny chair 4

On top of the desk was not much better.  So I didn’t use these photos for my post about the desks.

tiny chair 3

Then yesterday I decided to add some stripes to the seat.  I sanded it lightly, taped off the stripes and painted them using black acrylic craft paint.  I followed up with a coat of Miss Mustard Seed furniture wax to just liven up the finish a little.

chair racing stripes

And voila, the finished chair.

tiny chair after

By the way, this chair is a bit smaller than the typical little kid’s chair that I’ve painted.  This one is only about 21″ tall.  Here’s a photo I took to give you a better idea of the scale.

tiny chair scale

See what I mean?  Tiny.

But it sure packs a ton of cuteness into a tiny package.

16 thoughts on “a teeny tiny chair.

  1. Love the numbers and the stripe. Perfect for this little chair. I like the natural color too..good decision not to paint this particular chair. Hope it goes to a good home!


  2. I especially like the way you handled this chair because it still retains its personality as a cute little child’s school chair, just with a few embellishments. Very sweet!


  3. This is the sweetest little chair ever!!! The numbers make it look so ‘grown up’! If I was little I’d be aching to sit on this chair! So glad you shared just how small it really is, it’s difficult to tell in photos sometimes 😉 Super cute!
    Hope you have a great week!


    1. I have painted a few similar chairs in the past, but they were all bigger than this one. I knew that didn’t show up well in the photos, so I wanted to be sure and point it out. This one is just too sweet 😉


    1. Oh, how perfect! It would be awesome for a 1st and new granddaughter. Are you local? I don’t ship stuff, I am a ‘cash only/you pick up’ kind of deal. But it’s definitely for sale if that works for you. My going rate for tiny chairs, including this one, is $28. If you want to set something up, feel free to email me at qisforquandie@gmail.com


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