a doll bed centerpiece.

Remember the fabulous vintage doll bed that I purchased at the Nokomis sales?

doll bed

I had visions of adding a bottom and then using it as a plant box, or as a centerpiece on my dining room table.  Well, before I left for the shore, I did turn it into a centerpiece.

Is it odd to have a doll bed centerpiece?  Maybe.

But I went ahead and sent it off with Ken to have a piece of wood cut to fit the bottom.  When I got it back I mixed up some MMS milk paint and tried to match the existing color as best I could.  I really just played around and added a little of this and a little of that until it looked about right.  I started with some Luckett’s Green, Eulalie’s Sky and Grain Sack.  That combo looked a bit light and washed out so I added some Kitchen Scale and then some Boxwood.

doll bed bottom

The color I came up with is actually fairly close.  It does look quite a bit ‘cleaner’ than the old stuff.  I could have added some dark wax if I wanted it to blend better, but I’m OK with it as is.

Next I cleaned the bed using a magic eraser and plain water, and then I filled it up with ironstone and placed it in the middle of my dining table.

doll bed side view

Still think it looks odd?

doll bed with ironstone

Would you use a doll bed filled with ironstone as your centerpiece?

doll bed angle

Please tell me I’m not the only one.

doll bed centerpiece


16 thoughts on “a doll bed centerpiece.

  1. One’s eye is naturally drawn to the center of the table in the dining room. Its a ‘focal point’ and definitely a great spot to ‘focalize’ an object. That object or vignette of objects can be anything you want it to be! Love it!


  2. Ever have one of those meals that make you sleepy by the time you shovel, error nibble at that last forkfull? I’d be sorely tempted……


  3. Of course, it doesn’t look odd — it is sweet and creative and clever and easy on the eyes!


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