sometimes you just get lucky.

Sometimes with craigslist you just get lucky.  There is no other way to describe it.  It’s not skill, it’s just plain old kismet.  Such was the case yesterday.  I was thinking about some changes I want to make in my master bedroom, and I realized that I’d rather buy an old cupboard to replace my existing armoire instead of trying to paint it.  The reasoning behind that can wait for another post, but suffice to say, on a whim I went on craigslist and searched “farmhouse cupboard”.  I didn’t think much would come up, and I was right.  However, what did come up was a pair … yes, a pair! … of primitive cupboards.  And they were only about 15 minutes away.  And they had just been posted 20 minutes earlier.  What are the chances?

You can bet that I jumped at the chance to buy them.  Within a couple of hours, the first one was mine.

lucky cabinet title

They would have both been mine right away, except the owner had one at home and one in a storage locker.  Mr. Q is going to meet the seller’s husband at the storage locker today to pick up the second one.

This thing is genuinely chippy.  From real age, not a faux finish.  And just check out that under layer of blue.

genuine chippy

Love it!

And if that wasn’t enough, Sue and I checked out a barn sale at lunchtime, and I came home with a fabulous pair of vintage suitcases and a beautiful Homer Laughlin pitcher.

lucky luggage

Could my day have gotten any better?

lucky vintage luggage


I knew the pitcher would make the perfect vase for the roses that Mr. Q gave me for our anniversary on Wednesday.

roses in pitcher

Yep, way better than the generic florist vase they came in.  Aren’t these the loveliest shade of coral?

flowers close up

I added the stock that I still had from garage saling last weekend.

This makes 26 years for us (I’m only counting the married ones).  Jeesh.  Time flies.  Then again, seriously, were we ever really this young?

1978 Mike and Linda

(Thanks again for sharing this pic with me Annie!  It’s a classic.)

Yep, we’ve been together a long time.  Sometimes you just get lucky!

12 thoughts on “sometimes you just get lucky.

  1. Well happy 26th anniversary!!’ What a good looking couple! Congrats on the cupboards unbelievable find the finish is amazing. Kismet is right. Love the pitcher as well and yes the roses are a beautiful shade of coral.


    1. LOL. You are definitely too kind Victoria. I think we look like a couple of gangly, dorky kids. Which is pretty much what we were 😉 I’m still pinching myself over these cupboards!


      1. Well … not exactly. But that’s a long story 😉 At the time this picture was taken I lived in Florida (the photo is taken in the Florida keys), and Mr. Q lived in Minnesota. And the late 70’s were not conducive to a long distance relationship between teenagers. Remember things like long distance phone charges? And snail mail?


  2. The cupboard is great. You were smart to take both. I love the bottom legs on it. Happy Anniversary too! The roses and pitcher are beautiful. Also, since I also was a teen in 1978, I think you both look great!


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