24 hour grocery.

I was digging around out in the carriage house a few weeks back and came across a pair of abandoned table leaves that I forgot I had.

24 hour before

I believe they came off the table that I’m using for a desk in the Q Branch.

Obviously it was time to turn these into some signs!

I had already painted a base coat of blue on one of them using paint leftover from farmhouse dresser no. 5, so that gave me a head start on that one.  The second one got a base coat of Boxwood (dark green).  Once dry, I rubbed some hemp oil around the edges of both pieces and then added two coats of Miss Mustard Seed’s Linen.

I had a feeling I would get some great chipping on these since I had also gotten gorgeous chipping on the table-turned-desk that they came from.

desk collage

And sure enough, much chippyness ensued.

24 hour grocery close up

The sign with the blue background chipped a bit more than the one with green, but they both got good and chippy.

24 hour grocery

Do you sometimes feel like your kitchen has a revolving door?  Is it nearly impossible to keep your pantry stocked?  Do your kids eat the groceries before you can even get them out of the shopping bag?

I don’t have any teenage boys in my house, but I have plenty of friends that do and they all tell the same story.  They can eat you out of house and home.  I was thinking of them when I decided to go with “24 hour grocery.”

I cobbled together four different stencils for the wording on the sign.  The “grocery” stencil is from Donna at Funky Junk, the “2” and “4” are from Maison de Stencils, and I cut the “hour” stencil myself on my Cricut.

24 hour grocery 2

You know, there are really a limited number of ways to take a photo of a flat sign!  I staged this one over my farmhouse table and filled the table with some typical pantry items.

24 hour grocery angle

I was wishing I could hang this in my own kitchen or pantry, but I just don’t have a wall large enough.  These signs are 42″ wide by 15″ tall.25 hour grocery angle 2

How about you?  Do you have the perfect spot for one?  They are both for sale.  If you are local and can pick it up, leave me a comment if you’re interested in more details.

17 thoughts on “24 hour grocery.

    1. I love mixing it up with fonts when I add titles to my photos, or on a scrapbook page, so it seemed like a no-brainer to do it on a sign as well. Thanks for noticing Kim!


      1. I agree Kim. Fonts are tricky because if they are too busy or varied the message gets garbled or takes a back seat to imagery. Q has found the right balance of visual interest/message.


  1. These are so fun and I love the fonts too very well executed. Having raised 3 boys I can commensurate with the 24/7 food and for me milk consumption.


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