fave five from 2015.

Happy New Year!

Will you be heading out to a festive party for New Year’s?  Sipping champagne and toasting the start of 2016?  Sharing a moment with someone special at midnight?

happy new year

I love the fresh start that comes with a new year.  This year I am determined to live healthier.  Eat more fruits and veggies and skip fewer workouts.  I also like to set a ‘skill improvement goal’ of sorts for myself every year.  In 2014 my goal was to improve my stripping and staining abilities.

MCM dresser painted in Fusion paint in Ash


My goal for 2015 was to improve my reupholstering skills.  Hmmm.  Not so much of a ‘check’.  I managed a few chairs that were fairly basic.

chair pair completed

My friend Sue actually did the sewing of the seat cushion slip covers, I simply reupholstered the arms.

chair arm

Hardly much at all, yet it took me forever to accomplish.

And I never did get around to upholstering that settee that I picked up.  It’s still on my to-do list.

settee before

And that brings us to 2016.  My goal this year is to improve my photography skills.  Currently my ability to take a good photo hinges upon perfect lighting conditions.  I need to learn how to get good photos even when conditions aren’t perfect.  To assist me in this endeavor, Mr. Q has gifted me with a new tripod and a remote shutter release for my camera.  I also plan to take some online classes.

I also plan to bring back more “quandie quickies” for 2016.  In other words, quick makeovers that can be accomplished in less than an hour.  I’ve been piling up some goodies that are scheduled for a quick makeover, like these wooden divided bowls (trays?) …

wood trays before

and this green metal box.

green box before

How about you, do you have goals for the New Year?

But wait!  Before we officially move forward into 2016, let’s take a moment to reflect back on 2015.  I’ve picked out my fave five pieces from last year.

I painted this vanity back in January.  It was inspired by a piece of furniture I saw in Nina Hartmann’s book, among vintage & friends.  I loved the touches of black and how perfectly chippy this piece was.

vanity painted in MMS milk paint

I used Miss Mustard Seed milk paint in Grain Sack (the greyish white) and Typewriter (the black) on this piece.  I recovered the bench with linen that I stenciled.

vintage vanity bench

I also painted this next piece way back in January.  It’s my Rooster Cupboard!  This is the only one of my favorites that I kept for myself.  It works perfectly in my Q Branch as storage for crafting supplies.

chippy farmhouse cabinet 2

I still smile a little inside every time I catch a glimpse of that rooster on the grain sack lining the glass doors and I love the pop of the Miss Mustard Seed Flow Blue milk paint.

rooster feed sack

I must have been having a great run of pieces last winter because my next fave is from February.  It’s the Paris bed.  I painted this gorgeous bed for a customer.  She wanted a creamy white, which ended up being the perfect choice for this piece.

Bed painted white.

To me this piece was the perfect example of a chalk paint project.  I painted the bed in Cece Caldwell’s Vintage White and used her Aging Cream dark wax to highlight the details.

paris bed headboard detail

My next favorite sort of flew under the radar I think.  It’s the union jack school desk that I painted back in April.  I used Fusion paint on this one which worked beautifully on the shiny surface of the desk top, as well as inside the metal cubby hole.

vintage desk painted with Union Jack

I really loved the way this turned out.  I thought it would be perfect as a small bedside table.  I considered keeping it for my guest room, but in the end I brought it to Eye Candy ReFind.  Then it didn’t sell.  And didn’t sell.  And didn’t sell.  I started to think that I really would be keeping it, but it finally sold at the end of November.  It was just waiting for the right person to come along!

us smooth top

My final fave is the green French farmhouse dresser that I painted in July.  I absolutely love this In a Pickle green milk paint from Sweet Pickins.  I think the brightness of the color provides a fresh, modern take on the chippy vintage farmhouse style.

french farmhouse title

This is another piece that just hasn’t managed to sell.  I suspect that I need to find a courageous buyer who isn’t afraid of adding a pop of brilliant color to a space.  I can totally see this piece in a mostly white room, or how about in a room paired with some Rachel Ashwell shabby chic florals?

french farmhouse corner

Check out my fab furniture tab and pick out your favorite for 2015!  I’d love to know what it was.

new years postcard

In the meantime, I will raise my glass and toast to a happy and healthy New Year!  I know 2016 is going to be amazing.

16 thoughts on “fave five from 2015.

  1. Happy New Year Linda! I think your photography is fantastic, but I completely understand the lighting issue, I have the same! I would love a condensed “tips” post after your studies. I scrolled through your furniture tab and I think the “Dark and Stormy” dresser takes it for me, although I really love the styling and choices with the Greyson. You have such an eye. Looking forward to being inspired by all of your creativity in 2016!


  2. Linda, have a great new year! I will be joining you in the healthy living resolution, it’s time. I am looking forward to your quickie updates and all the furniture updates. Looking over your past projects, the damask dresser is my favorite (but it was very difficult to pick). Your color choices and skilled finishes are such a visual inspiration. Here’s to 2016!


  3. I really had a hard time choosing my favorite piece I equally love “dark and stormy” and the “damask dresser”. The MCM “ash” is a stunner as well. So I counted and with all the chairs it looks like you painted over 70 pieces of furniture. Amazing — love the Paris bed and the French farmhouse dresser in pickle too! Happy New Year! My goal is to live thru the monsoon here is SC. ☔️☔️☔️


  4. There is something about that French Farmhouse dresser that gives me chills when I see it. That color and the stencil is just yummy. Has to be my fave piece.
    Happy 2016 !


  5. Happy New Year, Linda! I’m with you on mastering new photography skills in 2016. I received a camera for Christmas, and my goal is to master the lack of natural light we have here in Seattle. (FYI, I did find an online course (free) at Udemy, and I like the instructors style…you may find something that interests you there! But for the record, I think your photos are lovely!)
    Big playoff game tomorrow …. would it be too cheeky to sign off with a GO HAWKS?!! 😀


    1. I will check out that online course, thanks for the heads up on that Cynthia. As for football, I’m not much of a fan. But I hope those hawks of yours don’t freeze their little buns off today 😉


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