refreshing for spring.

This past weekend I spent some time revamping my enclosed front porch.  You see, I kind of spent the entire winter shoving stuff out there to get it out of the way.  It was a mess.  With spring officially here, I felt the need to get it cleaned out.  I also took advantage of the situation and decided to swap out some furniture.  Remember the black cabinet from my former craft room?  Well, I wasn’t quite ready to get rid of it after all.  So, I moved it into the spot that was formerly occupied by a little pale green painted washstand.

front porch cabinet

So now, the washstand is for sale (SOLD!).

washstand ad

And then, it obviously would be silly to have two display hutches out on the porch …

front porch with two hutches

so I decided the white one had to go.  So now, it is for sale also (SOLD).

front porch hutch

And since I was getting rid of the white hutch, I also decided to move on from my chintzware collection that was formerly housed in this hutch.

chintz collection

So I posted an ad for it on craigslist.  I have no idea if things like this sell on craigslist, or really even at all.  Floral china is no longer terribly popular.  Hopefully I can find another collector out there who wants to add to their collection.

For the moment, I’m not sure what I’m going to put in the space where the white cabinet sat.  I am quite sure that I will come across the perfect piece at some point though.  I’ll know it when I see it.

But meanwhile, the black cabinet turned out to be the perfect spot to display my vintage cameras.

front porch display

front porch vintage camera

And some of my other black and white stuff.

front porch hutch display

I added some new H & M Home throw pillows into the mix.

front porch pillow

I don’t think I’ve ever pointed out the reading light over my chaise lounge.  I cobbled it together using an old clamp on shop light with half of an old minnow cage for a shade.

front porch reading light

And now the front porch is spruced up and ready for spring.

front porch spring 2015

If you are interested in the washstand, the chintzware or the hutch, please feel free to leave a comment or email me directly at

11 thoughts on “refreshing for spring.

  1. The room looks great! I love the black hutch out there. It gives the room a classic look. I also love that lamp shade. I might try that on a floor lamp I have that I’ve been having a hard time finding a lamp shade for.


  2. One thing is for sure, around your place, things are in constant state of flux! I have always loved the checkerboard floors. The addition of the black hutch not only changes the look but the feel. It morphed from sweet to snazzy. I have to add I have been a fan of your stenciled books from day one as well as the vintage cameras.


    1. You know, I LOVE the stenciled books, but they have not been a good ‘seller’. I brought them to Junk Bonanza last spring, and only a few sold. I sent some to the Round Barn to sell on consignment, and they have been very hit or miss. I also sold them at my occasional sale with the same result. So, I still have quite a few of them! I also had a pile of thrift store books waiting in the wings to be painted, but ended up donating them right back to the thrift store once I realized that painting them wasn’t a good use of my time. As for the rest of your comment, you are so right … sweet to snazzy … hey, that would have been an awesome blog post title! Wish I’d thought of it 😉


  3. I WISH that you were closer to my neck of the woods because that glass front hutch and the floral chintzware would be mine! Those are beautiful pieces!


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