meggan’s magical home.

Sometimes the universe works in mysterious ways.  You may remember that the lucky winner of my last giveaway was Meggan.  I drew her name out of my vintage metal colander (which usually holds fruit on my kitchen counter).  Meggan has been coming to my Carriage House sale for a few years now, and we have mutual friends (which is how she found me), but I didn’t know her especially well.  When I let Meggan know that she won, she asked me if I would like to swing by with her prize instead of mailing it so that I could see her house.  Um, yeah, I had to think for about 2 seconds before responding with a big YES!  I love to get the chance to see other people’s decor, especially those who have a style similar to mine.

So last Saturday afternoon I drove out to Stillwater to visit with Meggan.  The drive out to her place was gorgeous.  I wish I had taken some pictures of the route, it was very picturesque driving along winding roads through the snowy woods.  For you locals, she lives just off Big Carnelian Lake in the northern part of Stillwater.  Her house is tucked away in the woods among tall pines.

As soon as I walked in, I knew I was in for a treat.  The first room I saw was her home office.  Anyone who hangs a glittered “MAGIC” from some antlers on the wall above a gorgeous vintage mirror has to have a knack for unique design.  Meggan and her husband also added the wood plank wall that is stained in a weathered grey.

meggans magical home

Top that off with walls covered in vintage dictionary pages opposite the wood plank wall, and I am sold.

wall covered in vintage book pages

On the other side of the foyer is Meggan’s living room.  My eye was immediately drawn to her stack of vintage suitcases.

meggan's vintage suitcases

She got some of these for a mere $3.99 at the thrift store!  Clearly I should be spending more time at the thrift store.

Then, I turned around and saw this amazing campaign chair, which she also got a fabulous deal on.

meggan's campaign chair

I have always been a fan of British Colonial style, and this chair really speaks to that.  It can be folded up and taken along with you on your adventures.  Beautiful furniture that is meant to travel with you?  Where do I sign?

Meggan has some awesome throw pillows throughout her house, like these in the living room.

meggan's pillows

Behind the living room is a great little sun room.  I love this next picture because it gives you an idea of the view out of nearly all of Meggan’s windows, and just look at those gorgeous wide plank floors.

meggan's view

She has some really cool plans for this room.  She is going to have a slipcover made for the floral chair out of Swiss Army blankets.

swiss army blanket

How awesome will that be?  And she plans to paint the walls black. I’ve toyed with the idea of black walls myself, and I think they will be amazing in here.  She doesn’t have a lot of wall in the room, as you can see in the photos, and painting them black will cause them to recede from view and allow you to really focus on that beautiful view without making the room too dark.

She has just enough room on one wall for this sofa with more fab throw pillows.  And you can see how well the Swiss Army blanket chair is going to work with this sofa.

meggan's sunroom sofa

I saved my favorite piece in this room for last, and one of the best things about this piece?  It was FREE.  Yep, you read that right.  Her husband saw it on the curb and was wise enough to haul it home for her!

meggan's free cabinet

I’m pretty sure if Mr. Q saw a cabinet like that on the side of the road, he’d pick it up for me too, right Mr. Q?

Meggan uses it to display her hobnail milk glass collection and a few other vintage goodies.

meggan's milkglass

Leaving the sunroom, we pass by this charming little powder room.

Meggan's powder room

I love, love, love the wall color, and isn’t the barn wood mirror fab?  Meggan’s husband whipped that up for her when she couldn’t find a rustic vintage mirror to fit the space.

Next up, the kitchen, which is actually going to be featured on Houzz in the next couple of weeks.

meggan's kitchen

Isn’t the island awesome?  I love how the rustic wood and her chairs work so well together.

meggan's kitchen collage 1

And I was practically drooling over those fab pendant lights in my fave color.  She found them at Barn Light Electric Co. and the color is called Jadite.

Meggan told me that she has one big splurge item in her kitchen and it is the stove.  It’s from the BlueStar Precious Metals Collection, and it is gorgeous.

meggan's stove

Aren’t those french doors cool?

There are some great vintage touches in the kitchen, like the chalkboard on the wall and the scale on the counter.

Meggan's kitchen collage 2

In addition to her husband, Meggan also shares her home with her 3 boys.  They have a suite of rooms upstairs that includes a bunk room and a play room.  Their room has a hunting and fishing theme.

Meggan's boy's room

Isn’t the minnow bucket lamp fab?  Meggan created that herself.  I really like the plaid painted wall as well.

I think I would enjoy being a house guest at Meggan’s because I could play with her darling vintage play kitchen that sits at the foot of the bed.  There is also a play fridge and microwave.  Meggan found the entire set free at the curb and brought it home!  The toy dishes belonged to her as a child.

meggan's play kitchen

Not only that, but I’d get to enjoy another fabulous view.

meggan's guest room

And I’m sure she wouldn’t even notice if this fab vintage fan somehow made its way into my luggage.

vintage aqua fan

Meggan and her husband are in the middle of revamping their master bedroom and bath.  I’m sure it is going to be amazing when they are done.  Maybe she’ll let me come back out and take some pictures to share with you when she gets it done (hint, hint).

In the meantime, before I end, I have to tell you the best part.  Before I left Meggan gave me a present!  She made this necklace especially for me.  And look what it says!


Seriously, how cool is that?  I was really touched that she took the time to do that for me!

You can see more of Meggan’s jewelry (and order your own custom stamped piece if you want to) on her blog here.  Please consider dropping by and paying her a visit.

Thanks so much to Meggan for letting me share her beautiful home with my readers and for the awesome necklace.  I hope you all enjoyed the tour!

33 thoughts on “meggan’s magical home.

  1. Yes. If I recall correctly, I have done that. I don’t remember the piece, but it was ‘free’ in a yard across from Castle elementary.


  2. Wow! I guess your wonderful giveaway was a big win for both of you. I love getting to peak into other people’s homes. A big thank you to Meggan for sharing. I loved everything…..but the stove!! OMG. Who even knew there was such a thing. Give a gift and you get a gift. A beautiful necklace. I’m so glad she won, because I think all of your followers were winners on this one.


  3. Love the plank walls, the chair getting upholstered in the blankets and omg the stove is just amazing and now the girl is painting a room black what’s not to love?


      1. If you love it do it. What ever do decide it will be right thing you have a great eye for this stuff. The hugely popular in Charleston and the low country is horizontal plank painted mostly white.comg I amin love with it.


  4. Wow! Thank you all for the beautiful comments. They are so appreciated! Thanks again, Linda, for coming out here and for the amazing winnings. So awesome to meet new friends 🙂


  5. Beautiful photos!! Meggan’s house is a jewel. She and her husband are so talented and creative on so many levels. Our families are close and we love spending time in their home. The creative juices are always flowing. Hope to tap into their energy as we start our new kitchen project this spring!!


  6. Gorgeous stuff and well-deserved kudos. I can’t wait to see it in the flesh, though (hint hint). So when are you going to cook something up on that amazing stove?!


    1. I know this comment is directed at Meggan, because it if was meant for me you would know that I generally use my own stove as storage for pots and pans (that also rarely get used).


  7. Wow! It’s tough to say what I liked the most. Meggan is very, very creative! The kitchen may be my favorite, I don’t think I’ve seen a stove quite that amazing! Please go back and take more photos as she completes her next projects!


  8. What a beautiful home! Thank you for sharing such inspiring photos. I love the one you shared of the curbside cabinet – I have a very similar piece that is waiting patiently to be painted. It is a very glaring shade of magenta, but that subtle green-gray is something delicious!


  9. These pictures are great! They capture Meg’s amazing gift of decorating with so much creativity! (and transforming thrift store items into complete awesomeness!) You rock Meggan!


  10. As an old neighbor I have spent time chatting with Meggan over a cup of tea in her marvelous kitchen. She always has a new project “in the works”. Meggan and Seth work so well together to create these amazing rooms. Great pictures!


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