dinner music.

Where do you get your inspiration?  I’m hoping at least some of you get some inspiration right here!  I get a lot of my ideas from other bloggers, pinterest, magazines, books, and from touring other people’s homes.

Sometimes my ideas take a bit of time to come together.  When I came across a big box full of player piano music at a local antique shop last fall I remembered seeing this photo on pinterest …

I loved the way Alison at the Modern Cottage Co wove the strips of player piano music to create a background, and I especially loved the discarded rolls on the floor under the buffet.  So I was inspired to purchase a few rolls.

But then I didn’t want to just copy that exact idea for a furniture photo shoot.  That just felt … well … like copying.

So I ended up using one roll of the paper to wrap Christmas gifts last year …

And I used a single roll here and there in furniture photos …

Then my friend Meggan and I were talking about my dining room makeover, which still wasn’t completed after more than a year, and she suggested that I use the rolls on my dining room wall.  If you’ll remember way back to our tour of Meggan’s house in January 2015 she ‘wallpapered’ her study in book pages from an old dictionary.  So why not do the same with player piano rolls?

Initially we were thinking this would work well on the barn board wall.  I pulled a roll out and discovered it was exactly the right width to fit between the battens.  But I really didn’t like the way that looked, it was too stripe-y with the barnwood batten between each vertical strip of paper.  Instead, I decided to use the paper on the walls on either side of my window.  Then it only took me another 9 months or so to actually execute the idea!

I was finally spurred into action by finding some additional rolls of music at Oronoco Gold Rush.  It was my sister who pointed out one that was titled ‘Dinner Music’.  How perfect for the dining room!

I really just totally went with the easiest way I could think of to adhere the paper.  Staples.

I stapled each strip at the top, a couple of times down the sides and at the bottom.  I left a bit of the paper rolled up at the top of each strip.  It will be super simple to remove when I grow tired of it, but in the meantime I’m kind of loving it.

By the way, see that ‘Charles Strand’ sign above the giant clock?  That is the original sign from Mr. Q’s great-grandfather’s store in Marine on the St. Croix, MN.  I did a little research on the Minnesota Historical Society’s website recently and found a photo from 1910 that includes the sign.

Seriously, how cool is that?

On the opposite side of the window I hung an old military photo that we saved from Mr. Q’s dad’s house and an old banjo that we saved from my dad’s things (both of our fathers have passed away) above the Belgian bench.

 So what do you think of my player piano music walls, are you inspired to cover any of your walls?  Or maybe you’d like to stock up on some rolls for future present wrapping?  I had quite a few rolls left over so I’m sending some to Reclaiming Beautiful today to sell for $4 each, so if you are local be sure to swing by there this weekend to check them out!


21 thoughts on “dinner music.

  1. I DO get inspiration from your blog! And the piano roll wallpaper idea is seriously great. I really like that you left the rolled edge and it hides the staples. Fun and unique. Thanks for letting us in on the update, you are doing a lot to your house!


    1. Kind of ironic since at the beginning of the year I was ready to throw in the towel on accomplishing anything in my house! But it definitely feels good to get some projects completed!


  2. Linda, it looks AH-MAZING!!!! Love it so much! The rolls on the top are great and it’s so unique…dinner music!!! I am using so many exclamation points, ha, but this room deserves them. I have always loved that sign, but to see the picture in Marine, oh my gosh, what a gem. That photo needs to be in there too. I always think using vintage items adds such a depth to rooms, but having family heirlooms like the sign and your Dad’s banjo just puts it over the top perfect. I am so excited to see this done! Beautiful!


    1. Thanks so much Meggan! Especially for giving me the idea. I did frame the picture from Marine and hung it over the stack of vintage suitcases. I need to re-do it though because I printed it on white photo paper and it looks too white in the room. I need to print it on an old piece of paper, hey, maybe even a strip of player piano music!


  3. We collect old signs and i just love that one! Finding the photo must have been one of those wow moments! I love the wood work in your home. That last pic is just AWESOME! The flooring is outstanding. Love your dining room. (Well, your whole place!) Lol


    1. All of the wood in my dining room was salvaged from a barn that was torn down. The previous owners added this room onto the back of our house (probably in the 70’s or maybe early 80’s). Over the years I’ve been tempted to paint it white, but in the end I just can’t bring myself to cover up the original patina of the red barn wood, so I’ve left it alone so far. I know it would look amazing white … but I just can’t do it!


  4. Honestly I am having a hard time believing you have found something you cannot paint. Pull your socks up my girl.LOL I have a cabinet that I am working on you would just love to get at it. Keep smiling my dear!love to Mom …..Betty from Ontario,Canada


    1. LOL, well, it’s true Betty! Every once in a while I come across something I won’t paint. Believe it or not, sometimes I even purposely don’t buy pieces of furniture that I think are too ‘nice’ to paint. But those are few and far between 😉


  5. Fab idea Linda! At first glance before I read the text I thought you actually painted the walls in there. Interesting story about the sign cannot believe you have a photo of it hanging in front of the store. I agree with Meggan reprint it on the roll paper.


    1. I’m definitely going to give that a try. I just need to figure out the best way to get the roll paper through my printer without it causing any damage to the printer or the paper. I’m going to have to experiment with that a bit.


  6. Linda, I so look forward to each and every one of your posts! Thank you for keeping the inspiration going in our lives! Happy fall nesting time!


    1. Thank you Joni! And you’re so right! It is fall nesting time. I definitely want to make my house nice and cozy for the upcoming cold weather. This time of year I start to really look forward to snuggling up inside the house.


      1. I know, Linda, as much as I don’t appreciate winter (putting it mildly), I love the cozy time leading up to the big chill. Thanks for showing us how to make our homes more beautiful so we can enjoy every season to the fullest!

        Liked by 1 person

  7. Love the idea. Yes I do get a lot of inspiration from you! Alison lives not to far from me. Her stuff is fabulous! I have seen it up close and personal. Wish I could see your things up close and personal as well. The talent just overflows from the both of you.


    1. You lucky girl! I wish I could see some of her work up close and personal. I absolutely love the way she stages her furniture photos too, they are always so creatively done. If you see her in the future, please be sure to let her know how much her work is admired!


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