furniture, furniture, everywhere.

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted any finished pieces from last weekend.  Well, I didn’t get much painting done.  I was booked solid picking up furniture.  Sometimes it just works this way.  I’ll go weeks without seeing much of interest on Craigslist, and then suddenly I’ll see numerous items that I want to get my hands on.  Last weekend we picked up six pieces!

Want to see them?  Of course you do!

First, this fab tall dresser.  It’s right up my alley.  I’ve done quite a few similar pieces, like the Grain Sack dresser and the Kitchen Scale dresser .  I was able to send Mr. Q to pick this one up Friday morning while I was off at the day job.  I’m not sure yet what color I will choose for this one, any suggestions?

riverside dresser before

Can I just say?  Are you digging this ‘before’ picture as much as I am?  Since I am storing this one in the Carriage House until I can get to it, I decided to take a few quick before shots in the driveway rather than hauling it into the house just for a quick picture.  And yes, it was lightly snowing at the time.  I truly had no idea how lovely that would make the picture.  Now I want to take all of my furniture outside for winter photo shoots!

And since I was in the driveway with my camera, I went ahead and got a ‘before’ photo of this buffet that Mr. Q and his friend Gene picked up for me early Sunday afternoon.

Prescott buffet before

In case you are wondering, I do plan to paint this in Kitchen Scale just like my own very similar buffet.

Kitchen Scale hutch

So if you have always coveted it, and you are local … well, soon you’ll have your chance!

This one even came with the original keys for the locks which is extremely rare.  And the inside was lined with newspaper pages from 1959 which is kind of cool.

1959 newspaper

The real reason that I had Mr. Q call in Gene for assistance was the next 3 pieces that came as a set.  The seller told me they were heavy and I needed to bring my own manpower, so I did.  I spent a little more than I normally would on this set, and you’ll see why in the end.  But let’s start with the bed.  And in case you are wondering, I just took these pics yesterday when the sun came out again.  Not quite as magical as the snowy pics, right?  So much for the winter outdoor photo shoots.

forest lake bed before

But, isn’t the bed beautiful?  From the above photo you can’t even see what sold me on it.

It’s the wrap around foot board …

forest lake bed details

Isn’t that unique?  I’d never seen one like this before.

The set also came with a vanity.

forest lake vanity before

(Sorry Terri, Mr Q’s legs are still fully clothed!  It was -9 degrees when we took these pics.)

But the real reason for the splurge on this set was the dresser.  I have a customer who has been looking for a spectacular piece for a bedroom makeover, and I knew this piece would be just that.  I sent her some pictures of the dresser before I purchased it to be sure she was interested, and she definitely was, so I took the leap.  And here it is.

forest lake dresser before

This picture does not do justice to this piece, not to mention it’s just a bad picture overall.  There is some trim at the back of the top that doesn’t even show here, but is similar to the top of the mirror on the vanity and the top of the headboard.  This dresser is just so heavy, there was no way Mr. Q and I were going to haul it outside, or even into the next room for its photo shoot, so we’ll have to make do with this photo for now.

I don’t normally do custom work.  Why?  Because I already have a day job where I have to answer to others, so when I work on furniture, I want to have the freedom to do whatever I want to.  But every once in a while I make an exception, like I did with the ‘travel the world’ desk for my fabulous customer, Nikkii.  And now with this piece, I’m making another exception just because I really want to turn it into something spectacular for this client.  The next step is to meet with her and decide on a plan for its makeover.  I’m really excited to see just how lovely this dresser can be.

My final find from last weekend is something that I am keeping for myself.  Mr Q and I picked it up on one of our Friday date nights.  When I first saw the ad for this piece, I got an 80’s country pine vibe from it and initially I just wasn’t sure.  After thinking about it, and getting my friend Terri’s opinion, I decided to at least go take a look.  I knew I could do a lot for it with some paint.

studio hutch before

In person, the piece was not nearly as “chunky” as I was worried it might be.  In fact, at first I thought perhaps it really was old.  The cupboard doors open with some antique looking keys, it has that beadboard back.  The sellers we purchased it from had an amazing 1925 house in Edina that appeared to be filled with gorgeous antiques.  But no, upon closer inspection it is obvious that this is a newer piece of furniture that was likely designed to look like an antique.  In a way, this is a good thing.  I don’t feel one iota of guilt about painting it.

I hung the wallpaper inside the top of the cabinet while I was considering what ‘look’ I wanted to go with, but in the end I went in a different direction.  Here is a sneak peek of coat no. 1.  This is MMS milk paint in Artissimo, in case you are wondering.  It looks quite different before a top coat, doesn’t it?

studio cabinet sneak peek

So, I did get some painting done last weekend.

I’m sure you can guess what my future plan is for the cabinet since you know what room I’m working on.  I’m not sure how soon you will be seeing it again, but you’ll definitely see it down the road.  In the meantime, I think I may have crossed the line and become a furniture hoarder, so I am swearing off craigslist for now until I can get these pieces done.  I’m not even going to look.  Well … unless something really fabulous is out there 😉

22 thoughts on “furniture, furniture, everywhere.

  1. You have such an incredible gift/eye for transforming the look of furniture — but part of that is locating such amazing pieces in the first place! (Thank you, craigslist!) Whenever I see your latest piece of furniture, I wish I had a bigger house; but, sigh, it’s not to be. (Now, I’m wishing that I had a bigger kitchen and Meggan’s fabulous stove!).


    1. Well, a bigger house probably isn’t in the cards, but you could surely change out your stove! Go for it! And I know you would actually use it on a regular basis, so it would be worth the splurge. It would look gorgeous in your house too.


  2. I can’t wait to see how the dresser turns out…it’s the most unique piece I’ve seen for quite a while. I’ve always loved that buffet of yours…I’m sure it will look great no matter what color you end up painting it. I am SO looking forward to summer though, in the hopes of possibly catching just a quick glimpse of Mr. Q’s legs behind another great piece of furniture…possibly in shorts (although apparently I cannot control what my brain “see’s”) …makes me smile just thinking…


    1. Sadly no, it is a full size. According to my super scientific (not) online research, queen size beds didn’t hit the market until 1958. So there really aren’t any antique queen sized beds (depending on your definition of antique I guess, this bed is at least 80 years old if not older according to the seller). Some people convert full size beds to fit a queen mattress, but you wouldn’t be able to do that with the wrap around sides on this foot board. Maybe you could downsize 😉


      1. You know, for that gorgeous frame, I will downsize! I have a great old Victorian house that is just begging for that bed 🙂


      2. It would be perfect in a Victorian house for sure. I did promise first dibs to the same person who is buying the dresser, but if she decides against the bed, you will be the first to know!


  3. I like all the furniture and I love your new cabinet for the blogging room. It is my style and I also love the color you are painting it. I am going to try and get our plane tickets this weekend.


  4. Oh Quandie how I LOVE that bed!!!! All your pieces are fab though 😉
    Anyhoo I was wondering if you can please give me some tips on navigating and searching for furniture like this on Craig’s list. I live in NC so I wouldn’t be competing with you ha! I get overwhelmed when searching and quit. Please tell me how to do it!! I want a bed like that for my 4 year old “princess”!! Thank you so much! ~Amy


  5. Terrific finds you hit the mother load this weekend. Of course I see the 1st dresser and the bed in pale grey or grain sack would work. I know they are not a set precisely why I would paint them alike and use them together. I love Swedish style. Love the bed it’s beautiful and I could see the back inset with fabric but alas it will not be mine.
    Lucky person that snatches that one up. I also have a thing for empire so love the buffet as well. The lines just pull me in. Your cabinet is fab and cannot wait to see what you will do in that room. Do remember to come up for air. I see a painting marathon in your future – send Mr Q out pizza, wine and chocolate.


  6. Oh my goodness! All of those pieces are stunning. I wish I could find those type of beautiful furnishings down here in Texas. They are much harder to come by though. Gorgeous!


    1. I hear that! I think the further west you go, the harder it is to find good vintage/antiques being sold at decent prices. That’s pretty much why I can never move out west!


  7. What a gold mine! These pieces are just outstanding – that buffet? I would love to find something like that. I am glad that you’ve painted something Artissimo… that was going to be my color vote!


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