going green.

First things first, congrats to Cindy Brown who won the pair of Goat Sticks from last week’s giveaway.  I will be getting those out in the mail to her this week, but now, on with today’s post.

One thing that I have definitely learned in my 52 years of living is that tastes change.  Or at least mine do.  I hope yours do too.  I’ve written about this before, like back in October when I painted a chair gold after having said a year earlier that I didn’t think I’d ever like gold.

I’ll be so sure that I am never going like something, and then it grows on me and the next thing I know, I love it.

Such is the case with green chalkboards.

If you’ve read my blog for a while, then you know I love a good chalkboard.

chalkboard 2

Some people are starting to say that chalkboards are so over, but not me.

wall chair

Not only do I have a total of five at my house, but I often switch out mirrors for chalkboards and sell them to others who obviously still love chalkboards too.

Sometimes I make chalkboards out of foot boards …

chalkboard 1

Or out of doors …

q branch desk close

Or out of chairs …

q branch chalkboard chair

I like little chalkboards too …

plant a garden slate

But have you noticed something that all of my chalkboards have in common?  They are all black.  In fact, I’ve always thought green chalkboards just didn’t cut the mustard (pardon the pun that will be apparent shortly).  I even painted over a green one with black once.

Then a year or so ago I shared my friend Meggan’s house with you all, and she had a green chalkboard that looked pretty fab.

Meggan chalkboard

And that started me thinking that maybe green wasn’t so bad after all.

Recently Miss Mustard Seed posted the most amazing chalkboard.  Did you see it?  If not, check it out {here}.  And it’s green!  Apparently a green chalkboard does cut the mustard 😉

Her chalkboard is painted in MMS milk paint in a combination of Boxwood (green) and Artissimo (dark blue).  Wowza!  I love it!  Miss Mustard actually copied the recipe from Allison at The Golden Sycamore.  It’s 2 parts Artissimo to 3 parts Boxwood.  I just happened to have those colors on hand, so I knew I had to try this myself.

I started with a mirror that I had removed from a dresser.  The harp that held it in place had come apart, but even if it was still intact I probably wouldn’t have left it on the dresser.

garden chalkboard frame before

 I had taken the mirror glass out of the frame already, so all I needed to do was ask Ken to cut a piece of hardboard to fit the opening.

  Next I painted the mirror frame with MMS milk paint in a blend of whites (Linen, Grain Sack & Ironstone).  But wait, before we get that far, take a look a this …

green chalkboard frame before detail

Sometimes it’s just funny what people will do to ‘repair’ something.  Ken and I shake our heads over this sort of thing all the time.  Ken is always flabbergasted when people try to repair something with nails instead of glue.  I have to say that this example really takes the cake.

Anyway, I painted the frame in my mix of Mustard Seed whites (painting right over those nail heads).  I did not use bonding agent (would have been happy to get some chipping, but really didn’t) and I didn’t add a top coat of any kind.

green chalkboard detail

I also mixed up the ‘recipe’ for the chalkboard green and painted my hardboard.  I did three coats for extra good coverage.  Once dry, I sanded lightly to make it smooth and then I seasoned the chalk board by rubbing chalk all over it and then wiping it away.  And voila, I have a chalkboard!

green chalkboard

I used some of my new chalkboard skills to add a little spring-like message.

green chalkboard final

I’ve been in a green and garden-y mood lately, maybe since yesterday was the official first day of spring.

So stay tuned this week because there will be a few more garden themed goodies coming your way!

21 thoughts on “going green.

  1. Hey, a cameo! Love the little handprints all over mine, haha! I like any chalkboard, no matter the color. I just saw some really cute little gray ones at Michaels with natural wood frames. That’s a pretty combination too! I think the recipe’s color is spot on for a vintage look, very nice! Your lettering looks amazing, I may have to get you out here to do mine 😉


    1. Ha, I loved those little handprints too. Proof that your house is lived in 😉 I’m determined to master some chalkboard skills. Still need more practice, but I’m improving!


  2. Count me in as a continuing fan of chalkboards. Unfortunately the only chalkboard I have invested in so far a labels. Pushing a client to add one to her kitchen. There are many folks who think they are purely utilitaria, which of course they can be. I se them as works of art myself. You are getting so mad skills in that department I see. Your sister was intuitive when she bought you that book eh?


    1. Well, we can call my sister intuitive, but it was really just me standing next to her saying “gosh, I’ve always wanted this book” and her saying “well, your birthday is coming up soon” 😉


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