a thrifty field trip.

As my new friend Meggan showed me around her house a couple of weeks ago, pointing out all of her fantastic thrift store finds, I thought to myself “hmmm, what is her secret?”  I’ve never had much luck at thrift stores.  I find the occasional gem, but most of the time I leave empty handed.

So when Meggan offered to let me tag along on a visit to her favorite thrift store, I jumped at the chance.

It’s actually not far from my house, but I had only been there once or twice, and that was quite some time ago.  So the other night, Meggan picked me up and we ran over there.  Time just flew by while we were browsing around, and Meggan showed me the ropes; the color coding system on the tags, and how that night anything with a green tag was half off.  We filled our cart to overflowing, and were shocked when they announced over the loud speaker that they were closing in 15 minutes.

I came home with all of this, plus a few more items that didn’t make it into the photo.

field trip 1

Now, you may be thinking, ‘huh?  what was she thinking?’, but trust me.  I’m going to transform most of these items into something fab.

In fact, I’ve already begun the process with that little set of 4 plates.

thrift store plates

I cleaned them up, and added some of my favorite Tim Holtz rub-ons.

thrift store plates rehabbed

They aren’t food safe, but they would make a great dish for holding your spare change or some jewelry on your dressing table.  They would also be sweet hung on the wall.

thrift store plates rehabbed 2

You will have to stay tuned to see what I do with the rest of my haul.  I’m really anxious to get started on this.

thrift store lambs

You’ll just have to trust me on this one!

Meanwhile, check back on Friday for the full reveal of my craft room makeover.  See you then!

18 thoughts on “a thrifty field trip.

  1. So one of the tips is to shop on the night things are half price. I have friend who shops one particular day every week which is another tip frequenting the thrift shop.
    I am not sure frequenting is a verb much less a verb but it aptly describes her method. Lille Meggan she scores a lot of good stuff.
    Love the plates and the rubb ons very cool! And do I spy another metal box???


      1. OK, break given. And you do spy another metal box. Probably to be painted. As for half price, I think each day a different colored price tag is half off. It is the method they use to determine how long something has been on the shelf. For example, the give everything that comes in today a purple tag, and then a week from now all purple tags are half off. Seems like a very simple and logical method, right? But I believe that every day there is a certain color tag that is half off.


  2. I noticed you didn’t mention the name of the thrift store but the half price green tags is the clue. I don’t go as often as I used to but if you are open minded and have a love for the hunt they can be a good substitute for the summer sales. Happy hunting (shopping).


    1. Did you have the right one in mind Donna (ARC), or were you thinking Goodwill. I know they do something similar with colored tags at Goodwill. I have to say, I almost never find anything good at Goodwill.


    1. Yep, always hit or miss. I know that the people who score all of the really fab finds are the ones who can thrift often. Just pop in quickly and frequently. I’m not sure that will ever be me, but I’m willing to give it a try!


  3. I agree Donna! I also know which store it is, being a long time thrift store shopper! I can’t wait for the transformation on your items, Linda!!


      1. Thanks! there’s another little spot that is like the best kept secret in Little Canada. Its a small thrift store on Little Canada Rd just west of 35E (1 blk.) I’ve scored some great furniture pieces and household goodies for next to nothing. They are closed on Fri & Sundays.


  4. Oops! You are right I thought it was “GW Boutique”. It had us all guessing. Never been to ARC, I will check it out.


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