a do-over.

Every winter a magical thing seems to happen.  Just when it gets too cold to be taking photos either outside or in the photo cottage, the leaves all fall off the trees and suddenly I have this fantastic light in my piano room.  This also happens to be the only room in my house with a wall that works as a suitable back drop for furniture photos.  It’s like kismet.

I was never really happy with the outdoor photos I took of this petite dresser that I painted in MMSMP in Kitchen Scale.  The fall leaves are gorgeous, but I didn’t like the way the color looked on the dresser.

Small dresser painted in MMSMP Kitchen Scale

So, once all of those yellow leaves fell, I decided to stage a ‘do-over’ inside the house.

do over close up

I think this gives you a better idea of the true color.  As we all know, Kitchen Scale is my fave, so I want to do it justice.

do over

Maybe it’s my imagination, and it doesn’t really look all that different.  Maybe I just prefer the color when paired with white and grey rather than yellow.

do over with chair

Either way, I’m glad I allowed myself a do-over for this one.

I had planned to add these photos to my craigslist ad for this piece, but there was no need because it sold without them!  I had a lot of interest in this one, so I am on the lookout for similar pieces to make over.  It seems that lots of people out there would love to have a Kitchen Scale nightstand/dresser!

4 thoughts on “a do-over.

  1. Yeah it looks a bit darker to me in the outside shot. It’s my favorite type of piece to use as a bedside table. Definitely pops on that wall. So what color of paint are your stripes in the piano room?


    1. You can read all about the stripes in this post, but if you don’t feel like doing that much work, I can tell you that I custom mixed the grey from some other paint that I had on hand. The white is Dutch Boy’s “Cotton Blossom”.


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