step one.

Step one of project ‘domino effect’ was to repaint the walls in my living room and piano room.

Stop, let me back up a moment.  I have a traditional “L” shaped living room/dining room combo.  Two rooms separated by an wide archway.  However, I chose to put a baby grand piano in my ‘dining room’ and turn another room into the dining room.  So, now it’s the ‘piano room’.  I’d love to say that I play.  I bought the piano with every intention of learning to play, but that one is still on the to-do list.  Meanwhile, I have found that a baby grand piano is the most versatile piece of furniture.  Perfect for gift wrapping, crafting space, bar or buffet for parties, laundry folding table … endless uses.

So … as I was saying … step one was to repaint the walls in these two rooms.  I began by sanding the edges of the old stripes.  Jeanne suggested this, and she was right.  There were still a few spots where I could see the ridges of the old stripes; it would have been much worse without the sanding.  If you ever paint over striped walls, remember this tip.  Next, I covered the old stripes with a fresh coat of white.  I used Dutch Boy Platinum ‘no prep no prime’ paint in Cotton Blossom.  As you can see, it covered beautifully.  I was worried that it would be difficult to cover those stripes, and it wasn’t at all.  Of course, as per the rules of the ‘domino effect,’ a fresh white on the walls meant I also needed a fresh white on the molding (again Cotton Blossom).  Luckily I had just painted the ceilings a pale aqua last spring, so they were good to go.  Now I had a fresh blank canvas of white walls and trim with a pretty aqua ceiling.

blank canvas collage

I then whipped out my Frog tape, a yardstick and a pencil.  Using measurements that Jeanne and I worked out for the best placement of the stripes, I just measured down from the ceiling using the yard stick, made pencil marks, and ran my tape.  I don’t bother with a level, because nothing in my house is level anyway.  I don’t use a chalk line, because I find them very messy to clean up later.

taped walls

I began with just one small section of wall, and one of my favorite shades of grey that I use on furniture.  Dutch Boy’s Silver Case.  However, as I often find happens with paint, a color that looks good on furniture, or looks good in one room, suddenly looks awful in another.  The Silver Case was all wrong!  Too much of a lavender undertone.  Luckily I had an extra gallon of the grey that we used in our basement.  I splashed a little on the wall.  Too dark.  So, I added some white to it and tried again.  Perfect!

color swatches

This time I chose to use just two horizontal stripes.  It was so much less work than the floor to ceiling striped wall I did last time, and I think it has just as much impact.  Plus, having the large expanse of white at the top makes the ceilings seem much higher.

Ah.  Look!  I was right.  The buffet is so much prettier with white and grey stripes.

hutch after

In one weekend, with Jeanne’s help, I was able to get the piano room walls painted.  I still need to finish painting the trim in this room.  Such a putzy job, but must be done.

Next weekend I’m recruiting new neighbor Karen for part two of step one.  Painting the living room walls.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

hutch after 2

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