whatever happened to …

I thought perhaps some of my regulars would like an update on various subjects that sort of got left hanging on my blog.

Danube cruise header

My cruise on the Danube is still ahead.  We are going during Christmas Market season, which means we will get to enjoy this …

Vienna Christmas market

And maybe even this …

Budapest winter

I don’t usually choose winter travel, but I’m getting prepared (more on that later) and am really looking forward to it.

Remember the Curtis Jere wall sculpture?  Or as Mr. Q fondly calls it, the deathstar?

Curtis Jere

Yep.  I still have it.  Here’s an update.  I sent inquiries to two auction houses that specialize in mid-century modern.  Palm Beach Modern Auctions would love to take it.  They estimate it would sell for $800 to $1,000.  But, I would have to ship it to them, and then they take a 20% commission.  I also contacted Wright in Chicago.  They estimated its value at $2,000, but they felt it wouldn’t be worth it to ship it to them and pay their auction fees (they did not elaborate on what those are) so they suggested I try to find a local buyer.  I have also contacted two MCM dealers in the Twin Cities, and so far neither of them have followed up with me.  I plan to continue trying to find a local dealer that specializes in mid-century, but meanwhile I am storing the death star!

Remember my grandiose plans for my front hallway?

hallway collage

Well, we got as far as ripping off the carpet and then the whole project was derailed by my decision to have  a booth at Junk Bonanza, and then spring came and I was so busy, and then summer came and I was still busy.  Now fall is here, and guess what?  I’m still busy.  Hopefully I’ll revisit this project over the coming winter!

Now, who actually remembers this one?

Cambridge before

This goes way back to last March.  Mr. Q and I picked it up north of the cities on a frigid winter’s night.  I still have this piece, but I haven’t worked on it.  The plan was to deal with it over the summer when I would have some space to spread out in the Carriage House.  Instead, it keeps getting shoved to the back of the list in favor of pieces that need less work.  Plus, the more I look at it, the more I think it’s a dresser that was “married” to two halves of a dressing table.  Right?  And once you have that visual in your head, you just can’t get it out and the whole piece just looks weird.  I think I need to consider taking these pieces apart again.  What do you think?

Finally, there is this bed.  This came as part of a set.

workshop bed

I already refurbished and sold the dresser and the vanity that went with this bed.  But the bed needs more work.  I have it pulled out front and center in the workshop.  I hope to get to work on it soon.

I think I’ve touched on everything that is left hanging.  Did I miss anything?

I’m not making any promises on any of this stuff … well, except the cruise on the Danube, I’m definitely doing that one!

10 thoughts on “whatever happened to …

  1. That dresser from North Branch does pose some unique challenges. Obviously, some handy man “got creative” and glued those two bottom pieces to the top part. They aren’t even square with the dresser! I think at the very least we should separate them and re-glue them squarely. I think for it to make any sense, the space above the bottom pieces along the side of the dresser should be utilized, either functionally (maybe add some pins to hang scarves or other accessories on), or decoratively. Whatever we do, it won’t be a super simple flip. At the same time, we don’t want to put a ton of time and expense into it…


  2. Separate the dresser and have the two nightstands sell as a set. You’ll get more in the end…Wonder why someone would have done that in the first place? Will be fun to see what color you’re feeling when you get ready to paint them.


  3. Just a thought, but, you might want to contact Rocket Century in St. Louis, MO. They are on Grand Ave. and specialize in upscale mid-century items. There is also T.F.A. (The Future Antiques) in St. Louis, MO. 6514 Chippewa. http://www.TFA50s.com, 314-865-1552. I’m sure they both have their regulars and may be able to put you in touch with someone who would buy it outright. I have heard from Michele at Rocket Century that her clients are from all over the country and they are happy to pay shipping costs for even sectionals and other large pieces.


  4. I know you are excited about this trip. What a great idea to go during the Christmas Market cannot imagine what treasures you’ll find. The architecture alone makes me go weak in the knees.
    There are several Mid Century Dealers in Atlanta and one in Asheville. I can send you an email with this info.
    The dresser baffles me but then you have Ken the amazing Mr. Fixit – I too would make it three pieces. That project should be beyond interesting. The bed definitely has potential look forward to seeing that transformation. I have A full size bed in my guestroom. More often than not I have a single guest stopping overnight. And on those night that sleep eludes me until the wee hours I creep down the hall and read. A queen would probably overtake the room instead this bed like Goldilocks “it’s just


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