small projects.

I love doing small projects that take just a bit of time.  I think it’s the immediate feeling of accomplishment you get when you complete something so quickly.  It’s not very exciting for a blog post though, so I thought maybe I could group a couple together and this post would have a little more meat to it.  I’m not sure I succeeded, but here goes…

I think I bought this bench at a lunchtime garage sale.  It’s pretty tiny.  And it was kind of ugly.

fruity bench beforeBut, the price was right and I thought it would be a fun one to restyle.

First I picked a fabric.  You might remember this fabric because it was rejected for the last bench I painted.

fruity bench fabric

I had a lot of options for choosing a paint color with this fabric.  I thought about Mustard Seed Yellow, or maybe Luckett’s Green.  Then I thought maybe I would go with Annie Sloan’s Duck Egg.

In the end, I got out the MMSMP in Tricycle.  I loved this shade of red when I used it on a dresser, and the combo of red and aqua is one of my faves.

The end result is a charming little bench.

fruity bench top

Wouldn’t this be sweet in the kitchen, maybe as a spot to rest your feet while studying your favorite cookbook.

fruity benchThis tiny rocking chair was given to me by my friend Cathy.  It was a give away because it was missing the upper rung on the back.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a real ‘before’ picture of this one, I just sent it straight over to Ken’s workshop.  And as usual, Ken just fixed it right up!  I did snap a picture before I painted it and you can see the new piece at the top of the rocker back.

small rocker beforeI wanted the paint job on this rocker to be nice and chippy and have a very aged patina, but I knew that new piece of wood would just soak up the MMS paint and not chip at all.

small rocker close up

So, I decided a two layer paint job was in order.  First I painted the rocker with MMSMP in Flow Blue, then I painted over that with MMSMP in Eulalie’s Sky.  The end result was just what I wanted.  A paint finish that looks genuinely aged, not just faked with sand paper, and the replacement piece blends in well.

small rocker paint job

This darling little rocker sold right away at the Carriage House sale!

small rocker 1

8 thoughts on “small projects.

  1. Wow – kudo’s to Ken who is the true “Handyman”…unbelievable how he can just fix things up like that. And once it was pained, you would never know that was a replacement piece. Great job – love the color and the fabric – another great project – done!


  2. I was telling a friend who owns a consignment shop about you and Ken. I told her she needed a “Ken” to help her around the shop. Love today’s pieces especially the chair. I had one like that for my four but their father sold in it in a garage sale. Imagine the fury. I have just found out I am to be a grand parent so all these child pieces are calling my name.


  3. As the proud owner of the petite rocking chair, I have to say bravo on the transformation! It’s become one of my favorite parts of the nursery, and I didn’t even know I needed it. I’m sure our little boy (t-minus 7 days till due date) will read many books from the comfort of this cute little perch!


    1. Thanks so much for leaving this comment Jenny. I am definitely going to pass it on to Ken because I know he’ll be happy to know that some little guy is going to enjoy that chair. He really wanted me to paint it blue!


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