commercial break.

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you this special announcement!

The following pieces of furniture are still available for purchase.

The patriot.  Perfect for your lake home, because it should be stylish too, right?


The patriot is available for $245.  SOLD!

The dried lavender desk.  Wouldn’t this be lovely in your daughter’s bedroom, or perhaps in your sunroom providing the perfect spot to surf pinterest.

curbside desk 2

The dried lavender desk is $185.

The blonde bombshell.  Add a gorgeous pop of color to your mid-century digs.  This would work in a bedroom and hold tons of clothes, or use in the living room to hold your widescreen TV.

blonde bombshell 2

The blonde bombshell is $285.  SOLD!

The mid-century madness credenza.  So perfectly hip.

mid century madness 1

The mid-century madness credenza is $325.  SOLD!

Also still available, the sunny side table.  Perfect for either bedside, or next to the sofa.  Add a sunny pop of yellow to just about any room.

sunny side table 1The sunny side table is $55.

The french cane back chair.  Quite comfy, could work in so many different settings.  A bedroom, your office, the living room, dining room .. you name it.

IMG_7749The chair is $65.

Finally, the pair of blue vintage motel chairs.  Both fabulously chippy.

Armatage 1

Motel chairs, $25 each.

If you are interested in any of these pieces, please leave me a comment and I will get back to you via email.


13 thoughts on “commercial break.

  1. I am certain you won’t be holding on to any of these cuties for long! Every time I see the blonde bombshell I want to get in and drive it. I know ridiculous but the drawers pulls remind of a vintage call emblem. My Dad had a Chevy that color and being a redhead it was one of my favorite colors as a child. It would make a wonder tv console. Still my fav of this lot the Patriot hands down!


    1. I had no idea you were in California. Isn’t that funny? Somehow in my mind you were out east somewhere. Well, lucky you. California is a gorgeous state, I’d love to live there. Except I would have to live in a shoebox, because that is probably all I could afford out there 😉 As for shipping, I’m thinking it would be crazy. Too bad because I bet those chairs would be right at home in California where they could live outside year round!


  2. I just love that lavender desk! Would you mind sending me the dimensions — I think it might be too wide for the space I’m thinking of, but I’d love to know the measurements to see if it would work!


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