on the bench.

Remember the little mismatched bench that came with this vanity?

workshop vanity seatIt didn’t really match.  And upon closer inspection, I realized that because it is wider than the opening, it was getting pretty beat up where it would hit against the sides of the vanity.  Clearly, it’s not a good match.  So I decided to experiment on it.  Eeek!  Sounds slightly evil, doesn’t it?

First, I decided to paint it in a 50/50 mix of MMSMP in Shutter Grey and Grain Sack.  I was hoping for a lovely pale Gustavian sort of grey.  I got the right amount of paleness, but maybe it’s not quite warm enough.  The Shutter Grey has so much blue that it gives a definite coolness to the grey.  Also, just look at how much chipping I got!

bench chippy


Likely the result of little to no sanding.  I just hate sanding round spindly bits.

After knocking back the paint chips and adding some antique wax, I am left with this.

bench chippedA very chippy look for sure.  Not everyone’s cup of tea, but I know some of us love this look for its very chippyness.

But the next decision is what to use to upholster the seat.

First I tried a colorful vintage 50’s fabric.

bench option 1

Hmmmm.  Very shabby chic.  But to me, this fabric and this paint job do not belong together.

Next option, some vintage white cotton with some cut work.

bench option 2Too crisp and dainty for the rustic paint job?

How about a patched grain sack?

bench option 3

I think the grain sack color is too warm next to the cool tone on the bench.  Otherwise, I like the idea of the grainsack, and I even like the patch on it.  It’s the perfect amount of scruffy to work with the chippy paint job.

Next, I tried just a generic scrap of linen that I figured I could add a stencil to later.

bench option 4

Definitely not very exciting.  Although a stencil would add some pizzazz, I just don’t think this is quite the right choice either.

In the end, I decided to put the bench aside and wait for the perfect fabric.  But then, as I was cleaning up the kitchen I came across the tea towel that I bought from H & M.  Hello!  I thought it just might be perfect.

bench option 5

I think it works!  Now I just have to wash it up and staple it on.

bench option 6And I’ll have a fab little bench with a graphic seat.

3 thoughts on “on the bench.

  1. That was fun for me to read because as I was reading it, I was agreeing with what you were saying. And then the big finish when you finally found just the right thing! Amazing.Perfect.


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