the aftermath.

Thank you so much to everyone who turned up for the Carriage House sale!  We had a great time, we sold lots of fabulous vintage stuff and overall it was a great success.  I didn’t get a lot of picture taking accomplished, but I did snap some quick ones here and there.

Here is a picture of the garden section.  Lots of the garden stuff sold.

CH8 Summer 2014

I painted up a couple of ‘planter chairs’ for the sale.  These always sell well.

CH11 Summer 2014

This second one is painted in MMSMP in Mustard Seed Yellow.

CH9 Summer 2014

I had a few fairy garden items too, some tiny pots and a few miniature hostas split from the ones in my own fairy garden.

CH5 Summer 2014

The garden area was rounded out with my chippy green and white dresser, which sadly did not sell, nor did the cute little chair painted in Luckett’s Green or the green suitcase.  The camper birdhouse went quickly though, as did the vintage jar with the green lid and the green garden frogs.

CH7 Summer 2014

Wicker usually goes fast if the price is right.  I was selling this wicker chair from my potting shed in anticipation of turning it into my furniture photo studio.  The mirrored sconces with green tea cups also came from the potting shed and sold quickly.  I still have the little green table though.  Doesn’t anyone need a cute little green table?

CH3 Summer 2014

This next picture was taken on day 2 of the sale, and a lot of these items never did sell.  Sue painted up a number of Kitchen and Laundry signs that were really darling, and she sold quite a few of them, but not all.  My painted suitcases all sold except for this one.

CH1 Summer 2014

I’ve had this stack of wicker cases for a while now, and they never seem to sell.  Am I the only one who thinks these are kind of fab?  They would be great for storing craft supplies and stacked somewhere.

CH10 Summer 2014

The turquoise chair and painted suitcase both sold, as did all of the martini shakers, but the credenza did not.  I’ve got it listed on craigslist now, so hopefully the right buyer will find it there.

CH4 Summer 2014And that is about it for photos from the sale.  I’m am going to sleep for two days now to recover, and then I have to get out there and get my workshop put back together so I can resume my furniture makeovers!

I’ll leave you with this parting shot.  The sign up list for my sale emails was on the radio cabinet, and a visual Thank You for everyone that came to the sale!

CH2 Summer 2014

19 thoughts on “the aftermath.

  1. Unbelieveable those wicker hampers did not sale. I mean they are a classic. I would take all three to stack one of my two pine armoires. Or beside a love seat as a table. Seriously go figure. All in all you had a great two days andthe weather cooperated too which is a plus. Have a restful and relaxing weekend where you might or might not sit on the porch with glass of wine.:-)


  2. I think the stack of wicker cases is darling, too. Asking price? I’m local(ish)–west metro.

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    1. Wicker is such a bear to paint. I usually resort to spray paint with wicker because it’s just so hard to get in all the cracks and crevices with a brush. They would be great painted for sure though.


  3. I was at your sale and it was wonderful as usual! I look forward to it every year! Keep up the great work, after a nice rest! Do you still have that black suitcase? How much? Trying to see if it would fit somewhere…..


  4. I’d love to buy the green suitcase and 3 wicker baskets!
    (I love that you’re offering this through the blog, since I was too busy last week to make it to the sale!)
    I’m pretty open this week, and live in St. Paul — so I could swing by anytime!


    1. Hi Michelle! I will be around all day today, probably out in the Carriage House trying to arrange order out of chaos. Do you have any free time today?


  5. I was so sad to miss the sale. Unfortunately my cousin in Iowa did not plan his wedding around the carriage house sale. The nerve. Next year 😉


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