getting crafty with gift baskets.

Those of you who have been following me for a while may have noticed that I didn’t create my own Christmas gift wrap/packaging this year.  Over the past several years, I’ve come up with some sort of handmade gift wrap each year.

Last year was the stenciled packages.

And the year before I used some I.O.D. stamps to decorate my packages.

One of my favorites was in 2018 when I was inspired by Venetian velvet.

But this year I just didn’t come up with any super creative ideas for wrapping all of my packages.

However, I did put together a couple of gift baskets that I thought would be fun to share.  Neither of them have a predominantly Christmas look to them, so I figured it would be OK to share them even though Christmas is over.

Here’s what I started out with.

Did you know that they have these cute little cardboard pots at Hobby Lobby?

I did not.  Until I saw them there that is.  And if you shop when the paper goods are half off, they only cost $1.  That’s cheaper than a gift bag.

Plus there is the added bonus of being able to get crafty and decorate it however you want to.

I went fairly simple with mine.  I first painted it in Dixie Belle’s Silk paint in Anchor, and then I added one of I.O.D.’s Traditional Pots transfers.

This made the perfect container for a gardening themed gift.  I just tucked in some garden gloves and gift card to our local nursery.

I added a star shaped tag that I purchased ages ago on Etsy.

I wish I had kept track of who the Etsy vendor was so that I could share that with you (and so that I could order more myself, this was my last one), but unfortunately I did not.

Next up is this fall themed metal basket that I found at the thrift store.

I don’t know where this came from originally, but my guess is Hobby Lobby, or somewhere similar.  Have you noticed that items like this from Hobby Lobby often look like they were created by someone for whom English is a 2nd language?  Is it just me?  Do you know anyone who calls it a “pumpkins patch”?

Well, regardless, the graphic itself was a little cheap looking anyway.  So I sanded it down and then painted the bucket using Dixie Belle’s Anchor.  I then added one of the JRV mini stencils to the front of the bucket.

My neighbor asked me to help her put together a gift basket for her boss.  She provided the fillings.

I decided to work with the gorgeous amber color of the bourbon by adding some brown tissue paper.

I dressed it up a little using the I.O.D. Crockery stamp and some VersaFine Clair ink in Pinecone.

There were a few gift cards and smaller items to be included so I decided to tuck those into a drawstring burlap bag.  My friend Sue had given me a stack of these bags knowing that I could dress them up.

I used a few of the 6″ x 6″ stencils that I’d purchased for the kid sized shovel that I shared a week or so ago.  They ended up being the perfect size for these bags too.

With the addition of a cheese serving plate and a book with tips on pairing wines and cheeses, the gift basket was complete.

I always enjoy pulling gift baskets like this together, how about you?

I hope I’ve given you an idea or two for your next gift basket!

25 thoughts on “getting crafty with gift baskets.

  1. These are genius! So much inspiration for lots of holidays, birthdays, etc. I love the idea that the container is a gift too and could be used for lots of cute things.


    1. Love the little burlap bags Sue stitched up…very cute and very versatile. The little pots from Hobby Lobby are perfect for adding your own flair. Great combos!


  2. Such clever ideas you constantly amaze me with your creativity. Those little burlap bags are a unexpected addition a sweet touch. I love both the gift baskets and the gift wrap you have created in years past.


  3. I agree with you about Hobby Lobby-some items are great and some do look less than stellar. I actually never thought about buying one and sanding off the decal to put something new on it. Great idea! I love your tool box and your gift baskets. I’m always inspired by what you do here.


  4. Your comment about the English as a second language made me laugh! I took a picture at Hobby Lobby one time of a pumpkin with a COW on the front, that said “Happy Thanksgiving”. Still cracks me up!


  5. Your “gifts basket” 😉 look great! I like the stamped tissue paper. The tissue paper color is great! It’s hit or miss with me and basket gift giving. Where did you find that color tissue paper?
    Smiles, alice
    Happy New Year 🎊


  6. I love to make gift baskets but never have I entertained the idea of using a vessel other than a basket. So clever, LInda! I am curious enough to ask the size of those burlap bags and which stencil brush do you prefer? Happy New Year!


    1. Those bags are about 8″ wide by 12″ tall. As for a stencil brush, I’ve been doing most of my stenciling with the Dixie Belle Best Dang Brush. It’s large and makes quick work of it.


  7. In the “Your Account” section of Etsy there is a list of purchases. Mine goes back to 2013! You should be able to find where you purchased the star-shaped tags. Happy New Year!


    1. Well, how handy! I didn’t even think of that. OK, so I went and looked and my history went back to 2015, but I didn’t see the tags. I’m pretty sure I purchased them even further ago (I’ve had them for quite some time). Although it’s also possible that I didn’t actually order them through Etsy … but I feel pretty sure I did. It’s now a mystery.


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