a buffet of buffets.

Oh no, you guys.  Although I’ve been trying to minimize the time I spend watching COVID-19 related bad news these days, I made a huge tactical error the other night and started watching some YouTube videos about its impact on the cruise industry.

In case you hadn’t heard (and maybe many of you don’t actually care), on April 9 the CDC extended its ban on cruise ships sailing in U.S. waters to 100 days.  In addition, the cruise lines are going to have to make some fairly significant changes to the way they operate before they can resume business.  At least in U.S. waters.  I don’t know if the E.U. or other areas will follow suit.  Nonetheless, it seems like the chances of Mr. Q and I actually going on our European Capitals cruise in September are looking slimmer and slimmer.  If you’re an avid cruiser and want to learn more about this, check out this guy on YouTube.

One of the many expected changes for cruise ships is an elimination of buffet style food and drink on board.  So no more self-serve ice cream, no more taco bars, and no more midnight buffets.

So, as a sort of fond farewell to the buffet, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite buffets starting with one I actually called ‘the midnight buffet.’

I painted this one back in October 2016.  It’s painted in Fusion’s Midnight Blue.  It only required one coat of paint (thanks to the dark color over a dark existing stain), plus Fusion doesn’t require a topcoat.  So this was a definite plus when working on such a large piece.

I had so much fun staging the midnight buffet outdoors using some funky whisk brooms in cages and taking advantage of the falling leaves.

I painted another buffet in dark blue, this time using Dixie Belle Paint Co’s Bunker Hill Blue.

This blue is a little bit brighter than Fusion’s Midnight Blue, but I toned it down by adding a black glaze over it (if you want to see this color without a black glaze, check out this piece).

Another option for achieving a similar color using Dixie Belle paint is to make a 50/50 mix of their Bunker Hill Blue and In the Navy.

This time around I stripped and refinished the wood top with Fusion’s furniture wax in Espresso (a dark brown wax).

Just for fun I added a bright pop of color to the interior using Fusion’s Coral.

Not all of my buffets have been dark blue.  When I first starting painting with Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint I went through a definite Kitchen Scale phase starting with painting my own buffet (at the time, I have since sold it) in this color.

I loved it so much that I painted two more buffets in Kitchen Scale.

This next piece was so pretty, but it was quite large and since I painted it in the winter I wasn’t able to do my photos outside.

Plus this was back when I first started blogging and my photo skills were in need of practice.  So, I don’t feel like my pictures did this one justice.

But the chippy finish of milk paint was perfect on this piece.  Just check out those chippy legs!

If you’re wondering why those three pieces all seem to be a slightly different color, there are a few factors at play.  First of all, as per Miss Mustard Seeds blog, there can be as much as a 15% variation in the color from one bag of milk paint to the next.  In addition, milk paint tends to be a little less opaque than some paints so the color you are covering up can make a difference in your final color.  Finally, the white balance in my photos isn’t perfect in any of those photos.

Not all of my buffets have been left as buffets either.  I turned this one into a wine bar with the help of my handyman, Ken.

I had finished it just prior to one of my Carriage House sales, so I was in a hurry to get photos taken before the sale.  The hemp oil topcoat was freshly applied when I took these, and that’s not really a good look for photos.

Another fun piece was this buffet re-styled as a TV stand.

Ken cut holes in the back behind each of those center shelves so that one could run the electrical cords for a DVD player or other components out the back.

I’ve done a few more buffets in varying shades of grey.

A few years back I decided to try the General Finishes Milk Paint.  I think this product did more to confuse people about milk paint than any other product out there.  That’s because it’s not really milk paint.  Here is what they say about that on their website:  We named our product Milk Paint with the intention of putting a clear, bright, contemporary spin on an old fashioned furniture paint tradition. With that said, GF’s Milk Paint is not a true Milk Paint as it does not contain any milk powder.

Instead, General Finishes is a mineral based acrylic paint.  I found it very similar to Fusion paint.  Much like Fusion, it does not require a topcoat, although you can add one if you want to.  If you like using Fusion, you’ll like General Finishes Milk Paint and vice versa.

Anyway, this next buffet is painted in their Queenstown Gray.

On this next piece I used a fun technique.

  I started out by painting it with Fusion’s Ash.  Then I used the Imperial Damask stencil and the Galaxy Decor Wax from re.design with prima to add a subtle design.

This one has a fun pop of color on the inside too, this time using Dixie Belle’s Peony.

This last grey piece is really more of a dresser, but I think it would work beautifully as a buffet so I decided to include it in this post.

That one was painted in Homestead House milk paint in a color called Bedford.

Although I usually call them credenzas, I always enjoy doing the mid-mod version of a buffet using a bit more color.

There’s my absolute favorite green, Fusion’s Park Bench.

And this next one was a fun combination of turquoise and warm white.

I did some color blocking on this next mid-mod piece in grey, yellow and white.

And although this next piece is meant to be a dresser, I think it would work really well as a buffet too.

In fact, I staged it that way for the photos.

That pretty shade of green is a Sherwin Williams color called Aloe from their Vintage Moxie collection.

I hope you enjoyed this ‘buffet of buffets’ with me.  On the plus side, it was calorie-free!

Let me know what you favorite buffet was.  And if you’re also fond of cruises, are you also going to miss the buffet?

18 thoughts on “a buffet of buffets.

  1. My sister-in-law is a very successful travel agent. That is, until Covid-19. Now, she has to be successful in getting people’s money back!

    Love that last buffet…my kind of style and color!


    1. My mom is also a travel agent, and she works strictly on commission. So now she’s having to put in hours working on getting refunds for people, thus eliminating all of her commissions. I give her credit for how hard she’s working for no reward.


      1. I love the Vintage Moxie pieces… they were before my time as a follower of yours. You have great vision as to what a piece can become with some paint and elbow grease!


  2. I love them all, and so fun to look at so many pieces together. Thank you! Your work is so fun, creative, inspiring and beautiful!


  3. Gah these are gorgeous Linda! The tv stand! The wine bar! Love the wax stencil too, fun to see them all again 🙂


  4. I don’t think I could pick just one favorite! Your creativity knows no bounds!! Right now I am gravitating toward the old 20’s and 30’s china cabinets but before that I was crazy for a good buffet project. I kept three 🙂 I have a few cruises under my belt, and I will be sad to see the buffets go. Although I love the formal dining experience, there is just something fun about the gluttony of a good buffet!!! So many choices!! I’m sure there are going to be other things that will disappear as we navigate through and past this virus.


  5. You have painted far more buffets than I could imagine doing! I love each and every one of them but the two standouts for me are the Fusion Bedford piece and the damask stencil gray one. I’ll have to go re-read that post to see how you got the damask stenciled with out the sealer (or whatever you used to make the satin stencil) from running.bi haven’t been on a cruise in about 30 years but I would think the buffets would be missed.


  6. I love all of these buffets, but my favorite by far is the one you did the wax stencil on. Do you have a tutorial on the process of doing this? Did you put any type of “finish” on the piece when you were done? Thanks!!


    1. Check the link back to the post about that piece (it’s where the words ‘this next piece’ are green, above the first photo of it). You’ll find all of the details there. But I did not put any additional finish over the Fusion paint and metallic wax stencil.


  7. ooh! Love these! The first few are my favorites…black, dark blue & LOVE the first & third kitchen scale one. They are all so pretty but any of those….I have the perfect place for them!!! Love your work. And love to hear from you.


  8. Wow! I certainly cannot pick just one. But I’m most drawn to the midnight and the ash with stencil. Close third is the last kitchen scale you showed.
    Here in Michigan, I am having a hard time finding pieces to flip – Facebook marketplace is quite bare. My newest hobby has been deconstructing desks and vanities into nightstands.
    Now off to read your Humble Washstand – love those pieces.
    Stay safe!


    1. I haven’t braved the world of purchasing pieces to flip since the Stay at Home order began. But I’m starting to feel desperate and have been looking around to see what’s out there. It seems like people are doing ‘porch pick ups’ to allow for physical distancing while selling a piece of furniture, so I might start scoping out the Facebook Marketplace listings here this weekend.


  9. Believe it or not, I love the last one and that is totally NOT my style! Something about it speaks to me though. I do love them all and their individual personalities as well – and the whisk brooms in the cages – so yummy!


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