when it rains, it pours.

I really don’t want this post to come across as a ‘poor me’ sort of post, but seriously you guys.  When it rains, it pours.

I’ve now had to have two emergency root canals in the last two months, the second one was this week and it required two visits (or about 3.5 hours of time in the chair) to complete it.  Apparently not only is the domino effect a thing when it comes to decorating, but it can also be a thing when it comes to root canals.


As I result, I have nothing to share today.

But rather than leave you hanging, here are some canals that are much more enjoyable than root canals.

Of course, when I think ‘canal’ I immediately think of Venice.

I’d much rather be enjoying the canals of Venice than a trip to the endodontist, wouldn’t you?

The canals in Copenhagen are really lovely too.

Naturally you can take a guided tour of them by boat.

Prague has some of the most picturesque canals I’ve ever seen.

And you can tour them as well on these charming little boats.

When my family lived in south Florida back in the 70’s, we lived on a canal.  Granted, a much less grand one than this one in Ft. Lauderdale …

But it had ocean access and we were able to keep a boat right at our own dock.  We often spent Saturday’s or Sunday’s cruising around the canals.

All in all, any one of these canals is much preferable to a root canal, wouldn’t you agree?

OK, not to worry, I do have some fun projects coming up.  I’ve been working with the newest re.design with prima transfers that are being released next Friday.  Here’s a little sneak peek at one of them …

OK, I know, you can barely see it back there, but it’s called Vintage Seed and it’s right up my alley.

You’ll just have to check back next Friday to see the full reveal!

26 thoughts on “when it rains, it pours.

  1. Beautiful. Just beautiful. I love your travel photographs. And I’m so sorry about the root canals. As my least favorite dental hygienist said when we first met, “I see you’ve had a number of root canals”. The memory of the time the Novocain wore off in the middle of the root canal will never leave me. But it appears that you’ve got a wonderful project coming up!


    1. That’s how I ended up needing two trips for this last root canal. The Novocain was wearing off during the first one so it was pretty freakin’ dreadful. Thank goodness that is behind me now!


    2. Hope your teeth settle down for you. Unfortunately they do sometimes need attention in clusters . We love to hear from you but concentrate on yourself and your well being.
      I always enjoy your photos.


    1. Those buildings in Copenhagen are pretty colors, aren’t they? I can’t think of anywhere here in Minnesota where we have such lovely colors on our buildings, can you?


  2. Ouch. I watched my son get a root canal once and I think bbn it hurt me more than it hurt him. Teeth, ugh. The older we get the more dreadful it is. Take care and tell them to make the novocain a double. I would love to take a ride down the canals of Venice. That is on my wish list. I cant wait to see the new transfers.


  3. Oh Quandie! Sorry for your dental woes. I’m right there in the chair with you! And your canals are def better than the ones you’ve had to deal with lately! Hope you have a great day.


  4. ack! I have had a few root canals, so I can truly emphasize with you! I love the photographs- so beautiful. Thank you. Best wishes for no more dental issues!


  5. I feel your pain! About 6 months after I was done with my chemotherapy, my teeth started having problems. Over the next year and a half I had 9 root canals and crowns!! It was a bummer 😞 Can’t wait to see what is in store for us with your beautiful vision of using transfers 😊


  6. I always fall in love with the architecture in your travel photos. I try to imagine the smells of local restaurants and sounds of that area.
    Dental adventures are definitely not on my bucket list of fun things to do albeit a necessary evil. Do heal quickly! As we all try to remember unsavory events do make us appreciate life when all is well. ❤️


  7. So sorry about the root canals! I must say, I would rather have one of those, than the crowns they keep telling me I need! One time they left me, rather at a downward angle in the chair, I couldn’t get out and it was very uncomfortable being in that position for what seemed like an eternity! Thanks for the lovely photos – makes this dreary day with no sunshine look a little brighter!


    1. Crowns are no fun either, and of course now I have to eventually have both of these teeth crowned as well. Currently our dentists aren’t doing crowns because of COVID. Mine first one has been rescheduled 3 times, we’re looking at June now. But that’s OK, I’m not in any hurry to go back to the dentist!


  8. Oh my gosh!! Two root canals!! I guess if you have to have them, this is probably a really good time. Thank you for sharing the beautiful canal pics!


    1. LOL … well, is there ever really a good time to have a root canal 😉 Actually, they weren’t allowed to give me Nitrous due to COVID, so maybe not such a good time. Because I ALWAYS get laughing gas when I have dental work done! You still feel the pain, but you don’t seem to care quite as much.


  9. Poor Miss Quandie! Good that it’s behind you instead of looming ahead! And I hope that your pretty sunny weather is coming closer……and some garage saling! We need your inspiration out here! ;-D


    1. You are so right, much better that they are in the rear view mirror instead of looming ahead! And our pretty, sunny weather is officially here. We might even see some 70 degree weather in the coming week. Woo hoo!


  10. Ouch. Sounds dreadful. Hope you don’t need any more any time soon. Lovely pictures. I’m a frequent walker with my dog Nina along the Cape Cod Canal.


  11. Oh how i dream of seeing the canals in Venice! Thank you for that cheer on a dreary day. Sorry for the dental issues you’re having – not fun!


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