re-styled sideboard.

Well, a number of you voted on what I should do with the sideboard, but I decided to go my own way (I hope at least some of you are humming some Fleetwood Mac in your head right now).

You’ll have to get used to it.  I assume it annoys the crap out of my friends.  The way I always ask for opinions and ideas, and then I pretty much do what I want.  I do listen.  And I ponder.  And I consider my options.  But in the end, I make up my own mind.

In this case, that meant that I re-styled the vintage sideboard to accommodate a wide-screen TV and some components.

tv standI just felt there were more people out there that needed a fab vintage piece to put their TV on, than those that needed a place to store the china.

I basically stole this idea from a picture that one of my blog readers had pinned (thank you Meggan).  I consulted with Ken, and he took out the middle drawers, built a shelf there instead and added some holes in the back for the cords.

tv stand cords

Keep in mind that the holes seem really obvious in these pictures because they are back lit.  Also, once you have some components on those shelves, they will block those anyway.

I painted it with Annie Sloan’s French Linen and finished with paste wax.  I even stole borrowed the color from the inspiration pin.  This color is a fabulous shade of greige.  You know greige, right?  Grey and beige.  Beige and grey.  A nicely warm grey.  I didn’t realize until now that greige is not a made up word, it actually means:

greige (greɪ, greɪʒ) 

adj.  unbleached and undyed: greige linen.

Suddenly Annie Sloan’s name choice for this color makes sense.

tv stand 2

I updated the hardware to these stone knobs in keeping with the updated use for this piece.

tv stand hardwareI staged the inside of the cubby on the side with a fabulous old locker basket, but it won’t be included, I normally use this to store my paper towels in the pantry.  Although it would be a clever way to corral your DVD’s or games.

tv stand locker basketThese side doors had been removed from the inspiration piece on pinterest.  I did like that look, but decided that most people would rather hide stuff behind doors on the sides.

So there you have it, a re-styled sideboard.  Perfect spot for your wide screen TV.  A nice juxtaposition of vintage furniture meets modern technology.

restyled sideboard

By the way, the house in the background with the blue door?  That is nnK’s house.  She was out doing yard work and threatened to photo bomb my pics.  One of these days I bet she’ll do it!

Also, the fab vintage suitcase pictured above was painted by Bees Knees Bungalow.  I had to have it.  She has another in brown that will likely make its way to the Carriage House Sale.

One final b & a.

2014 spring blog14

As always, please feel free to leave me a comment if you are interested in purchasing this re-styled sideboard.  I will likely post it on craigslist by the end of the week.  Oops, you missed this one, it is SOLD.

14 thoughts on “re-styled sideboard.

  1. Looks like you made some really good decisions on this one. I love the hardware with that color and removing the middle drawers really made the piece more modern and serviceable. It is lovely. (Also, nice job staging.)


    1. Thanks! I did actually try some glass knobs on this one first, and they weren’t quite working for me. I knew I need something a little more updated.


  2. So wonderful! A beautiful mix of vintage and modern and just plain fun!! Continue listening to yourself. Have one of these buffets myself that I haven’t been able to pull the trigger on. This may be the solution!! Another outstanding Quandie creation!!

    Sent from my iPhone



  3. Love, love, love it. I would love to use it in my soon to be home, but Mr.Beige probably wouldn’t like it. It’s not “tan” enough. LOL Love how you changed it up for a more modern use too. Anyone would be proud to have this in their home – good job. Especially like the knobs…


  4. I’m basically curtsying. Love what you did, it’s splendid! Glad my obscene amount of pins were good for something! I think the amalgamation of history and modernism will keep gorgeous pieces like this relevant. Nice work Q!


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