getting ready for gardening season.

This past weekend was your typical spring weather in Minnesota.  On Saturday it was 60 degrees and sunny.  Mr. Q and I took a long walk, started clearing the winter debris out of the gardens, and then sat on the deck and enjoyed the feel of sunshine on our faces.

On Sunday, those same chairs looked like this.

And my Scilla siberica looked like this …

This always happens here in April.  We get teased with a glimpse of spring, and then shot back down with the realization that this is Minnesota and we can’t actually count on good gardening weather until May.

Well, we can still dream of gardening weather.  And that brings me to my quick and easy project for today.

I started with one of the aprons from with prima.

I couldn’t find a single online photo of this product that didn’t have the logo blocking the front pocket.  In some of the photos it even looked like the logo was actually part of the apron.  It isn’t.  This is a 100% cotton apron that is essentially a ‘blank canvas’ that you can paint, dye, or otherwise embellish to suit your tastes.

It has that front pocket that I mentioned, plus a sweet ruffle along the bottom hemline.

Since it’s made out of 100% cotton, I recommend washing it before you get started.  I did wash and dry mine first.

Since I tend to like simple, uncluttered designs, I decided to add a quick and easy stencil to my apron to dress it up.  I used Dixie Belle Paint Co paint in Gravel Road (which is a warm, dark grey) and a couple of stencils from Maison de Stencils.

I placed different sections of each stencil wherever they fit best on my apron.

You can set the paint with heat by either throwing your apron in the dryer on high heat, or pressing the apron on the reverse side with a high heat iron.

It’s probably far more likely that I’ll use this apron to protect my clothes while painting, but it would work great for keeping the dirt off while re-potting plants.  And I also suppose one could wear it while cooking … but we all know I don’t do much of that.

How about you?  Are you much of an apron wearer?

As always, thanks to Dixie Belle Paint Co, with prima and Maison de Stencils for providing the products used for this makeover.

23 thoughts on “getting ready for gardening season.

  1. Super cute!!!!! I love it and that little ruffle on the bottom makes it different…so many uses from gardening to child care.
    I think it would be great for my new style or grocery shopping. As the weather Is warming up ( or was) and I may not be wearing a jacket. I can keep my phone, car keys and debit card in it ( I never bring my purse now) My daytime pyjamas don’t have pockets lol


  2. What a darling apron! I love it ❤️ I love pockets in aprons. The ruffle is a nice touch too. The stencil is a great idea and makes it perfect!

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  3. These aprons would sell out in a flash…might be a good “smalls” for you. Very, very cute. And this latest snowfall is just the icing on the cake…just one more thing to deal with. Moving south has never looked better…lol


  4. Cute Apron! I have a few cute ones, but I always forget to get them out and wear them!! I’m in Oklahoma and we have a chance of snow tonight!! So moving south may not help you……. High of 48 today but if we are lucky we will see low 70’s come back by the weekend. Something to look forward to! Last week we had record highs for this time of year. Go figure.


    1. Well, I’m afraid we won’t be quite so lucky. Saturday is our best bet for warm weather, and they are predicting a high of 59. Oh well, eventually we’ll be in the 70’s!


  5. Hey there! I looked at the stock pic and it seems quite a bit longer (mid-calf?) than the post-wash version (mid-thigh?). Super cute stenciled!! I only ask because I am freakishly tall!
    I also wondered if you had ever stenciled a floor cloth?
    Thanks, and stay healthy!


    1. The apron definitely shrunk some after washing and drying. I just tried it on and it hits me right at mid-knee, and I am 5’10”. I have not ever stenciled a floor cloth, although I’ve thought about it. I always wondering how well they stay in place on the floor though. Seems like they would bunch up. And I suspect my cat would make it her mission to mess with it. She can’t leave a shower mat alone either.


  6. I love to wear aprons while cooking. I have a whole lot of darling waist length aprons, and find that I tend to more often wear the full size apron, like the one you just did. I’m a messy cook and if there will be splatters, they’ll be on the top half. Great project!


  7. Love the apron. The stencil you picked is spot on. Enjoy… hopefully the last… snow. We hit 99 one day in Dallas last week and I am not ready for that yet. Face masks and 99 degrees do not mix well. Luckily it cooled off again and we are low 70s this week.


    1. Wowza, 99 already in April! At least here we can just wear our typical winter scarves wrapped around our faces and feel like everything is normal. I’m sure I’d have a hard time wearing a face mask in 99 degree heat too!


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