bed benches.

A week or two ago I purchased another bed frame that I sent directly over to my handyman Ken’s house to have turned into a bench.

I neglected to get a ‘before’ photo of the bed because we literally picked it up and drove it straight to Ken’s garage and unloaded it there.  But, it’s very similar in design to the first bed bench that Ken and I collaborated on in the summer of 2018 …

It has a similar shape to the headboard and also has a curved foot board.

This bench was one of my favorite pieces.  It was painted in Fusion’s Putty and has one of the early Prima Marketing transfers on it.

Do any of you remember the story of me seeing it later in the buyer’s home?  I was purchasing a bedroom set from someone via Craigslist and when I got there to pick up the bedroom set, there sat this bench by her front door.  I did a double take, it was one of those ‘something is out of place here’ moments.  It took me a second to realize that I was looking at a piece I had sold the previous year.  Small world sometimes, right?

Our second bed bench collaboration was completed in October 2018.  This bench was made from an Eastlake style spoon carved bed frame that started out looking like this …

I painted it in Dixie Belle’s Caviar which worked really nicely with the more masculine feel of this piece.

Our third bed bench collaboration took place in January of last year with yet another entirely different style of bed.

Ken had to do a little more finagling with this one to get a bench out of it.  It had an opening in the headboard that need to be filled in with a plank of wood.

This one was painted in Fusion’s Bedford.

I added one of Prima Marketing’s earlier transfers to this one too.  By the way, both of these transfers are no longer available.

That was one of my favorites though and I used it on many pieces.  I still have a couple of these particular transfers stashed away for a rainy day.

I can’t believe it has been over a year since my last bed bench collaboration with Ken.  Time really does fly!  It was certainly time for another one.  As always, Ken whipped the bench up in no time.  I’m just putting the finishing touches on it and I’ll share it later this week.

In the meantime, I’m curious, which of these three was your favorite?

42 thoughts on “bed benches.

  1. I really wouldn’t be able to pick…the first I love for the curves. The second is stunning and I love the bedposts on the third. I would take any of them !


  2. all of them are beautiful but i love the one painted in Cavier for some reason. Its not the color that makes me pick this one but the age of the bed. I would have loved to use it as my headboard. Rustic is the word!!


      1. Each is beautiful and though I lean towards black l find it impossible to pick a favorite. They all are lovely.


  3. You elevate the bar for bed benches by a million miles. Yours truly look fabulous and are always designed so well. I’m looking forward to seeing your next creation because the curved ends are the bomb.


    1. ALL of them. It’s really special that these can be transformed into benches. My imagination just doesn’t work that way, so when I saw the first time you did it, it was mind-blowing! Lol. If I absolutely had to pick, I’d have to go with the curved one.. just love the lines. Kudos to you and Ken on jobs well done!


  4. These benches are some of my favorites of all the pieces you’ve done. I especially love the black one. I just love the richness of that color. Can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with this time.


  5. The curves on the first one make me swoon, but love, love, love the simplicity and rich color on the second. And the third tugs at my heartstrings as it reminds me of the 4-poster canopy beds mom and dad bought all us girls. I’m also reminded just how much everyone deserves their own Ken. Can’t wait to see your latest collaboration.


  6. I love all of them but I would choose the first one for it’s feminine feel and appeal to this old (85) lady who still loves the shabby chic/French look.


  7. WOW! Can’t do it!! Can’t pick a favorite one. Wish Ken had a tutorial on making those. One in crayon titled “Benches for dummies to make”. Do you mostly use full size beds?


    1. I would need the crayon version too! And so far we’ve only used full size beds simply because that’s what I find the most of. Twin beds are a little less common. I’d love to find one to turn into a bench though, it would be perfect for someone who doesn’t have quite as much space.


  8. While they are all stunning, I like the uniqueness of the first one’s shape. The curve is so elegant and unexpected that you stop and look at it to figure it out. However, if you want an understated piece, the other two fit the bill. Always lovely!


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