the black bench.

Well, I guess it’s lucky that I moved my painting operations indoors last week.  Here’s how things were looking at my house yesterday.

October 14th is maybe just a tad early for this sort of thing, don’t you think?

Cossetta seems to agree with me, can’t you see the faintest hint of annoyance on her face?

You know what?  It wasn’t until I was editing the photo that I noticed that her tiara is missing.  Do you suppose the squirrels stole that too, along with my mini pumpkins?

Not to worry, I popped outside after writing this blog post and located her tiara on the ground under all of those snowy ferns.

Well, fortunately things were warm and cozy inside and despite the snow on Sunday, we did get a few hours of sunshine on Saturday and I was able to get some photos of a few pieces that I finished up last week.

Remember the twin headboard and foot board that I picked up at a garage sale where everything was a quarter (yes, absolutely everything, including this bed)?

I pretty much knew from the get-go that I wanted to have my handyman Ken turn this into another bench.  But first I had to sell him on that idea.  You see, the first bench he made hadn’t yet sold at that point.  He wanted to wait and see if that one sold before committing to another.

But of course it sold!  It was awesome.  And as soon as that happened I carried these pieces over to Ken’s workshop to be made into another bench.

I heeded some advice given by Laura who commented that I should cut a little off the legs of the headboard this time to make the back of the bench a bit shorter.  Ken cut about 3″ off those back legs before assembling the bench.

And as you can see, I also took the advice that Meggan (a.k.a. the thrift doctor) left in her comment and painted it black.  Specifically, Dixie Belle’s Caviar.

I did a bit of distressing with sandpaper, especially around the spoon carving.

Instead of waxing this piece (which, let’s face it, would have been a workout) I top-coated it with Dixie Belle’s Black Glaze.  That couldn’t have been easier to apply using a foam brush.

I also painted the back of the bench this time.  Since it’s lower, it could conceivably be used at a dining table, in which case the back needs to be painted.

This time the pillow shown in the photos won’t be included with the purchase.  I have a pair of these pillows that I think I purchased from Restoration Hardware, or maybe it was Pottery Barn, several years ago and they are my favorites.

The boots won’t be included either 😉

I just picked those up at DSW last week and honestly I’m not even sure yet if I’m keeping them myself, but clearly I’m going to need some boots this winter if this weather keeps up.  I need to try them on again with some heavier socks to see if they really are going to work.  But when you wear a size 11 shoe, you pick stuff up when you see it because they’ll be gone the next time you go back.  So you buy them first, and then think about them later.

But I digress.

How do you like the bench?

It’s pretty sweet right?

If any of you locals could use a black bench for your foyer, mud room or possibly even your dining room, be sure to check my ‘available for local sale‘ page for more details.

Many thanks to Dixie Belle for sponsoring this project by providing the paint and glaze.  As always, although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

If you’re wondering where to buy Dixie Belle products you can shop with them directly online or find a retailer near you.

39 thoughts on “the black bench.

  1. I love the bench! I think making the back shorter was a great idea, as well as painting the back!

    I love the suitcase pictured under the bench. I recently purchased a similar one in need of a little TLC. How do you clean up the metal latches?

    Thanks! I always enjoy your posts!


    1. Thanks Linda. As for those latches … well … to be honest, I don’t generally clean them up. However, if I was going to, I would probably try cleaning them with some Brasso first. However, if they were super scratched and the finish was mostly worn away, they would be great candidates for some metallic wax from Prima Marketing. The Bronze Age would look amazing!


  2. Love this! The black is stunning. I can see this in so many places. And won’t it look awesome with Christmas presents and twinkly lights piled on it! Heck it would make an awesome Christmas present itself! Wish I lived closer. Another home run for you and Ken!


  3. The lines and proportions (and color!) of this bench are perfect! I can see it having many uses, like at the foot of a bed, but especially love the idea of being table seating. Well done!


  4. I love the black! Great job! Thanks for sharing–but please do not send the snow my way- too early for that white stuff!


    1. Isn’t that the truth! Well, luckily it all melted and by Thursday it’s supposed to be close to 60, so we’ll get some proper fall weather after all 🙂


  5. Okay, this is one of the best bed/bench updates I have seen. I love the black and wish I had the black glaze. I am working on a black dresser and I sealed it with Fusions topcoat but it it is streaky. I’m going to use your hint with the foam brush and apply a second coat. Ken does such a great job building and of course your painting is superb. Love it and here’s to a quick sale! (Can’t believe you have snow…)


    1. The Tough Coat (either Fusion or Miss Mustard Seed) can get streaky over black. So can the Real Milk Paint Co’s Dead Flat finishing cream. Both of the manufacturers of these mention it on their websites (Fusion: “*** Not Recommended over medium to dark paint colours due to water vapour being trapped which could cause streaking ***”, Real Milk Paint Co: “Dead Flat is not recommended over black color paints.”), so I hesitate to use them over black. The black glaze really worked well though!


  6. I love, love, love this bench!! If I lived closer I would snap this one up in a jiffy. I love the look and I do like it a bit shorter. Did you put the glaze on everywhere after you sanded or before? Did you use any topcoat? Wow what an awesome piece. Thanks Linda 😊


    1. I applied the glaze everywhere after sanding and then wiping it down to remove any dust. I did not add a topcoat over the glaze, so this piece is not weather resistant and I wouldn’t recommend using it outside. But did you know that Dixie Belle paint does not require a topcoat to be durable? However it is very flat and I felt like this piece needed just a little bit of sheen, which I got from the glaze.


  7. I’ve been waiting to see this! It’s gorgeous and classic. So versatile too. Another amazing collaboration for you and Ken!


  8. Love this bench. If I only had somewhere to put it! Great color selection and Ken did a great job. This should sell pretty quick!


  9. How have I not seen your blog before?! We are kindred spirits! Your bench is gorgeous but I adore your mini skeleton in the fairy garden! Blessings, Cecilia @ My Thrift Store Addiction


  10. The spoon-carved headboard just looks like it was meant to be a bench. The black is divine! Since headboards like this are rarely used anymore, it will now be used and loved in its new form. And only a quarter?!?!?! The workmanship on this beauty is hard to find anymore and I’m so glad you found it so that it didn’t end up in the landfill or with someone who doesn’t have your vision and love for all things vintage. If only I was closer… it would be mine!
    We got snow in SE Kansas on Sunday,too. It’s the earliest snow here in recorded history. We did have beautiful Fall weather – it sadly only lasted for 2 weeks. I swear, the older I get the shorter the seasons!


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