classic vintage labels.

One of the new transfer collections available from with prima is called Classic Vintage Labels, and I absolutely love it.  I mentioned it last week when I shared how I used one of the sections on a secret Santa gift …

Here’s what comes with this transfer.

There are 27 different labels included in this one set, so I decided to get to work and see if I could add some labels to a few more things around here.

First I gathered up some raw materials including some enamelware and some clay pots.

Then it was as simple as just adding the rub-on labels.

This set of 4 enamelware refrigerator boxes got jazzed up with some labels.

The Bees & Queens label is definitely one of my favorites.

The transfers adhere beautifully to enamelware.  I added one to this old pot as well.

I think it makes a great impromptu ice bucket.

It feels like this cafe label was meant to go on this bucket.

This container was perfect for a hot chocolate gift basket that I put together.

Next I added a few labels to some clay pots.

I’d purchased a variety of cyclamens to give as hostess gifts over the holidays and it was fun to present them in pretty pots.

Even just the simple bee transfers add a lot to a plain clay pot.

Of course I couldn’t resist buying a cyclamen to keep for myself.

I love the pop of bright color they add to cold January days.  The flowers on these last quite a long time too, so you can enjoy them for a while.

Is it too early to start transitioning from holiday decor to spring decor?  Because I feel like I’m ready.  How about you?

Thank you to with prima marketing for providing the Classic Vintage Labels transfers used in all of these projects.

32 thoughts on “classic vintage labels.

  1. Beautiful! Those refrigerator boxes, with lids no less! Your gifts are always so well put together. I think I may need a cyclamen now too 😉


  2. I’m loving those transfers!!I l especially like them on the white enamel and the terra cotta backgrounds. I still have poinsettas that look good so I hate to pitch them. What to do with them???


    1. I have to admit, I am rather brutal about such things. I toss potted plants that are past their prime all the time and then replace them with something new and fresh. I figure I’m still spending less than I would on cut flowers that are only going to last for a few days, so why not?


  3. Am so ready for spring. Once the holidays are over I’m done with winter. Ready to move on but alas Mother Nature gets the last word on that 😩. These labels are darling and as usual you’ve taken something mundane and made it a work of art! Such a cute idea for a hostess gift! I am eager to try some of these transfers in 2020. Can’t wait!


  4. Just a thought to Abbie
    I always struggle with throwing away the poinsettias and this year I cut them all off and put in a vase and am enjoying them as cut flowers. When the leaves all fall off I can throw away without the guilt.


  5. Oh great. Now I need to add another transfer to my ‘gotta have’ list! Seriously those are perfect for small quick projects. And I have those refrigerator dishes, I use them for soap dishes. Thanks for the inspiration! You created some fantastic pieces.


    1. In general I try to avoid promoting any one particular retailer by linking them in my blog posts, but I get that it can be a chore to try to find one that has the transfer you’re looking for in stock. So I just checked a couple that I know and found this particular transfer available at for $26.99 (here).


    1. I like to watch for them at garage sales and get the older ones which were thicker and heavier, but you can also find them really cheap at craft stores.


  6. Hey Miss Quandie……I really love these transfers! They are exactly the kind that I’ve gotten from the Graphics Fairy etc., traced on to projects with carbon paper, and then painted. I love the black on white look it creates! I’m wondering how much the clear part of the label shows on terra cotta and enamel ware? Yep, Spring. I’m definitely mucking around in the after-Christmas blahs that inevitably ooze in every year!


    1. Ah yes, I remember my carbon paper/graphics fairy/tracing days well too. That was quite a bit more work, and somehow mine rarely turned out great. As for the ‘clear part’, while there is a very faint and thin ‘halo’ of sorts around these designs, there really isn’t much of a clear part. If you look at the close up photo of the pots with the bees on them you can just barely see that faint edge on the lower pot. See it? Yep, you have to work hard to see it. How much you see it really depends a bit on the surface you put it on and the difference in sheen between the transfer and the surface. Adding a little wax over the entire piece will help even that out more, but I did not wax these.


  7. Let’s start with the Cafe container full of hot chocolate/drink stuff oh my goodness so very charming.
    And I am absolutely copying your terra-cotta pots with the cyclamens. Questions: (1) did you dry brush the pots before adding the transfers? Which by the way are fabulous. (2) Did you happen to snag the cyclamens at a big box store or your local nursery? Raining and flooding like crazy down here. But heck at least it’s not our typical freezing rain.


    1. I painted the pots with a watered down milk paint. You can see that process here), but basically use a watered down milk paint, brush it on and then wipe most of it away immediately using a damp paper towel. I bought the cyclamens at my local nursery (Bachmans). Are you familiar with Department 56 Christmas villages or Snowbabies? Department 56 was started by Bachmans in Minneapolis. My niece collects (or should I say has a non-collection) the Snowbabies, so my sister and I visited the Minneapolis Bachman’s hoping to find one that she was looking for this year. In the end, we didn’t find the Snowbaby but I did come home with some lovely Cyclamens and a few other things. As for rain, we had quite a bit of it ourselves last weekend which was quite odd for Minnesota in December! Had it been snow, we would have gotten around 10″ though, so I guess we’ll be grateful that we didn’t have to shovel that 🙂


  8. Those transfers on the enamelware really makes it pop! Always enjoy seeing your photos transforming items into something fresh!


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