it’s kinda weird.

This blogging thing, it’s kinda weird sometimes.  I have a ‘stats’ page and it shows me how many people are looking at my blog, but it feels like a fairly random number to me.  It doesn’t tell me who those people are or if they like what they see.  Is it someone who clicks in, takes a look, and then thinks “oh, how boring” and moves on?  I’m always surprised when someone says “I love your blog!  I read it all the time!” and I had no idea they were even reading.


Now, don’t feel like I’m casting any stones here, because I am also one of you.  I read lots of blogs that I almost never comment on.  Technically that makes me a “lurker” too.

But now that I am on the other side of that equation, I see how important those comments are.  The only time I really feel like people are enjoying what they see is when they leave comments.  I love getting your input!  I don’t care if your comment is short.  Even if you don’t feel like you have anything insightful to add, it’s still nice to hear from you.

photo cottage slate and tools

So, here’s some tips about commenting on my blog.

First, if you are a total newbie to blogland, the first step in commenting (or reading other comments) is to click on the little speech bubble to the right of the title of the post.  Hopefully there is a number inside the bubble, because that’s how many comments are already posted. Basic info, I know, but some people don’t know this.  Also, this is how it works on my computer, I think if you’re reading on your smart phone or iPad, it might look different.  But I can’t help you there.

Next, the very first time you leave a comment you will have to await moderation before your comment posts.  This is to help keep spammers out.  I hope it’s not too annoying for people.  And the key thing to keep in mind is that after you’ve done this once you will then be pre-approved for future comments.

When you leave a comment you will be asked for your email address.  This isn’t shared with anyone except me and it’s not posted anywhere on the blog.  I don’t sell email addresses or use them for any purpose other than to contact you directly if you win a give away or something like that.  You’ll also leave your name (which will be posted with your comment).  Feel free to leave just a first name, or perhaps you’d rather go by a nom de plume or an alias.  Go ahead and get creative!  You can also leave the name of your website, if you have one.

Here’s another tip about that.  Many of my commenters have great blogs of their own.  You can see them by clicking on their name above their comment.  If the text is blue, you can click on it and go visit their blog!


Next, you have some options.  You can check a box to receive an email every time a new comment is posted to that particular blog post.  Keep in mind, you won’t just get my response to you, you’ll also get every other comment made on that post.  I don’t get 100’s of comments, so you are probably safe doing this.  However, if it’s a give-away post, you might want to avoid checking the box so you don’t get tons of annoying emails because those tend to get a lot of comments.

You can also check a box to get an email notification of new blog posts.  I highly encourage you to do that, wink, wink!

plant a garden manual

That’s it.  Simple right?!

So hey, if you have a minute, leave me a comment just to say hi!  Tell me a little bit about you!  Where do you live?  Do you paint furniture?  What’s your favorite color?  What is your decorating style?  I’ll be thrilled to hear from you, I promise!

133 thoughts on “it’s kinda weird.

  1. I don’t always leave a comment (I sometimes just zip through to see what you are up to) but your blog is a regular stop along my few favorites I check daily. I find your projects and photos to be super inspiring and love your vintage finds and makeovers. I wish I lived closer, I would be a regular at your sale, too!


  2. You are one very talented lady and I absolutely “LOVE” your blog and read it all the time!! The colors and the photos are soooo inspiring….and your makeovers are to die for!! I appreciate the comments you make about the different paints you use…very helpful!! I agree with Anya, if I lived closer, I would be a regular at your sale, too!! Thanks for sharing your talent!! Thanks for this post…I have never left a comment before, ever. Basic info, yes, but not everybody knows…I didn’t, but thanks to you I do:)


    1. There you are Gigi’s Cottage!! I have to tell you I am super flattered by your pin board devoted to me! I have always wondered if you also read the blog. I’m so glad you left a comment and ‘introduced’ yourself to me. Thank you so much!


      1. You are very welcome and very deserving! I’m relatively new to this and I just wanted to make sure I gave you credit for your awesome makeovers and maybe help someone else find your beautiful blog! btw…I love your new logo!


      2. Thanks! I just had some cards and tags made with the new logo, and I love them! The logo was a way better splurge than a pair of shoes.


  3. Hi from Victoria BC, Canada! I thoroughly enjoy your posts, your beautiful transformations and photographs. One day I hope to transform some of my pieces of furniture but in the meantime I look to you for inspiration. Thank you.


  4. What a wonderful inviting post for us to read today. Thank you for sharing. I was particularly interested because you had several green items in your post. Woohoo, I truly like the color green. Probably not a big piece of furniture but smaller items like the ones in your photos. Keep writing & I’ll keep reading.


  5. I read every time you post, don’t comment but I must like yours because I have been deleting the ones I So thank you!


  6. Yeah. I’m out here and reading your posts. Very much enjoy your projects. I’m old – actually ancient – but love mixed media and especially Steampunk. I love repurposing junk (junk is defined as things almost as old and rusty as me) and appreciate your inspiration


  7. Love your style, and your blog! My husband and I have always loved re-doing our finds (Found & Kept), and recently opened a booth at a friend’s shop…..your tips and sharing have helped us immensely….Thank you!! I found your blog through a Melanie Alexander’s blog (Lost & Found Decor) and love it! Keep up the fantastic work 🙂


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