hello 2020.

Happy New Year everyone!

Well, here we are not only saying hello to a new year, but also a brand new decade.  At my age (I’m 56 now), it is shocking how fast time seems to fly by.  Who’s with me on that?

I like to take a moment at the end of each year and reflect back on my favorite pieces from the previous 12 months, so here, in no particular order, are my top five from 2019.

The Lovely Ledger dresser.

I painted this dresser in Fusion Mineral Paint’s Limestone.  This is a warm shade of off-white, which is generally what I lean towards when painting something white.  For that reason, I also love Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint in Linen, Dixie Belle’s Drop Cloth, and Homestead House Milk Paint in Limestone.

The re.design with prima transfer on this piece is called Lovely Ledger.  I have another of these in my stockpile of transfers and I’m hoping to find another tall dresser to use it on sometime this year.

The Romantic Prairie Style washstand.

The color on this washstand was inspired by a piece in Fifi O’Neill’s book, Romantic Prairie Style.  It’s painted in Sweet Pickins milk paint in one of my favorite shades of green, In a Pickle.

This is one of those pieces where the milk paint did exactly what I wanted it to.  After a little encouragement with some painter’s tape, it chipped in all the right places, not too little and not too much.

I’ve used this gorgeous shade of green on a few pieces now, and as I usually find to be the case, they take longer to sell than more neutral pieces.  Still, I can’t resist this gorgeous green.  This one ended up selling to an artist who wanted it for her warehouse style loft and she absolutely loved it.

My farmhouse table.

It’s not all that often that I work on a piece just for myself, but that was the case with this table.  The base is painted in one of my other favorite shades of white that I mentioned above, Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint in Linen.  The top of the table is waxed with Fusion Mineral Paint’s Liming Wax.

The lines of text on the table base are part of an old Prima Marketing transfer that is no longer available.

This table sits out on my front three season porch (which is really just comfortable for part of one season here in Minnesota) and I mainly use it for staging photos.  I can’t tell you how many hours I spend out there freezing my butt off this time of year while taking photos like this one …

But the light is awesome out there, so I put on fuzzy slippers and a sweater and suffer for my art.

The flower power dresser.

I definitely had to include this piece in my top five from 2019.  I absolutely love this one.  It’s painted in Dixie Belle’s Sawmill Gravy and then finished off with re.design with prima’s Cosmic Roses transfer.

I have been holding off on listing my pieces for sale on Craigslist and FB Marketplace until after the holidays.  I didn’t want to juggle being home to meet up with potential buyers and holiday parties.  So this dresser is still available.

I’m always a little nervous about how long pieces like this will take to sell, but that remains to be seen.  Fingers crossed that someone out there will fall in love with it.

My baby grand.

This list really wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the piano.  I had procrastinated on painting it for years thinking it would be a huge undertaking.  But I really couldn’t have been more wrong.  It didn’t take long at all to paint it using Dixie Belle’s chalk style paint in Midnight Sky.

The stencil I added on the top is from Maison de Stencils and is one of my favorites, mainly just because I love that pretty script font.

I painted the piano itself back in March, but I didn’t get around to painting the chair until September.

What can I say?  My own stuff is always at the bottom of the list.  But now that it’s painted I absolutely love it.

Well, there you have it.  My top five.

  Take a look at my ‘fab furniture‘ page to see all of my furniture ‘before & afters’ and let me know what your favorite was in 2019.

As always, thank you to re.design with prima, Dixie Belle Paint Co, Fusion Mineral Paint, Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint and Maison de Stencils for sponsoring my blog by providing the products used in these projects.

37 thoughts on “hello 2020.

  1. Without a doubt the ‘in a pickle’ romantic prairie cabinet. Hit all the hot buttons for me- the shape, color, chippy finish. Glad an artist bought it and it’s in a forever home. I loved all of your projects, thanks for the 2019 fab furniture post, too. Lots of park bench green mid mod in there! Thanks for continuing to create and blog, happy 2020, too!


  2. Huge fan of your projects, your flower power piece would fit so well in my bedroom. The flowers really make a statement and the colors are just perfect, wish I lived closer. Happy New Year to you and all your readers.


  3. Happy New Year! How do you accomplish all this with a full time job too? I love all your pieces but the piano is a stunner! Can’t wait to see what you do in 2020!


    1. I wish I could say that I already have some great plans for 2020, but I’m still trying to formulate some ideas in my head. Hopefully I’ll come up with some fab stuff 🙂


  4. The French ceramics linen press, the Romantic Prairie washstand and the cabinet of Curiosities and the cabinet you redid on your porch with the pots…and the piano/chair #18 I think. And I have to add every park bench green MCM piece. The trio of Holiday chairs so dang cute. Here’s to a marvelous 2020!


  5. Linda, EVERY piece you work on becomes an exquisite piece of art. These 5 projects are exceptional but my favorites of yours for this year were The Free Dresser And the Out on the Farm dresser. The Free Dresser was the first time I really saw the re.design transfers come alive and transform furniture into a painting. And I just love barns. I love your creativity, humor, and wisdom you impart. Happy New Decade. You are a beacon to us all. La Verne


    1. Thank you so much LaVerne! Believe it or not, the free dresser was from 2018. See? Time does fly, doesn’t it? I would have thought that piece was more recent too, but I actually shared it in August 2018.


  6. Happy New Year! What a difficult decision to narrow down the list and many thanks for sharing your art. May 2020 bring you joy and inspiration.


  7. Happy New Year everyone. Love all your ideas and my favs are your white desk and the green washstand. Love the primitive country look. Good luck at the Rose Bowl!! Theresa


  8. Linda, Happy New Year! Love your work and I admire your creativity and all of your projects! I am in awe with all that you accomplish , please continue to share! Paula


  9. Hey Miss Quandie! My favorites of your projects in 2019 are: sweet serpentine secretary dresser, the bare leg dresser, the horseman washstand,,the laundry co dresser, the industrial mechanics table, and the lovely ledger desk. My even more favorite are the type of projects from 2018 like the spring fling dresser, the boutique de vin dresser, the blanchisserie dresser, the handmade hutch, the autumn catalogue dresser, and madame’s dresser. Those, to me, are your signature style and I just like them so much. Once again I say that it’s REMARKABLE how many projects you’ve done!


    1. Looking at your list, I would say that you are drawn to the old Prima Marketing transfers that were designed by I.O.D. They no longer have a partnership, and those transfers are no longer available (unless you can find some old ones out there online). I have to agree, I loved that look too!


  10. Your stuff is gorgeous, and you really are making me google transfers. I just tried stencil for the first time this year, but your transfers are really beautiful. Thanks for sharing, and good luck selling the dresser.


  11. I feel like the older I get (50 in Nov, I was born in ’70!) the faster time goes by! Painting makes me so happy, and I love to see your projects! I brought another very old china cabinet home last night. I didn’t need another but I can’t resist them when they are so reasonably priced! These old pieces are so much better than most of what they sell today. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it yet, but I’m in no hurry and I’m sure you will inspire me! Happy New Year!!


    1. The quality of the old pieces of furniture far outweigh anything but the most expensive new furniture. Granted, a 100 year old dresser will have some quirks and may require re-gluing, but once it’s refurbished it will hold up for another 100 years. I don’t think you can say that about an IKEA dresser.


  12. Your furniture pieces are always an inspiration! My favorites on your list are the cosmic rose dresser and the in a pickle prairie chest! Thank you for always making time to share.


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