spring meadow life.

Pretty much everybody looked at me askance when I showed them today’s piece in its ‘before’ state.

I know they were all wondering what in the world I was thinking.  I have to admit, I’m not even sure why I purchased this one.  I even paid way too much for it at $5.  It should have been in a free pile somewhere, or maybe priced at $1.  In the end, I really just wanted to take on the challenge of bringing this sad little half chair back to life.

In case you can’t tell, it’s basically an ugly 80’s kitchen chair that is missing its back.  It originally had some kind of spindled back, but someone had removed it and left holes where the spindles were.

Ken filled the holes with dowel sticks for me and then I used some wood filler to complete the job.  I sanded them smooth once the filler was dry.

I thought this would make a pretty cute stool … maybe?  hopefully?

I started by painting it with Fusion’s Laurentien.  I hadn’t used this color in a while and I’d forgotten how much I love it.  If you are a fan of turquoise Haeger or McCoy pottery, Laurentien is about that same color.

Such a gorgeous color, right?  And by the way, I took these pictures a week or so ago when the peonies were still blooming.  They are long gone now.

Once the stool was painted, I sanded the edges lightly to distress and then I added pieces of the Spring Meadow Life transfer from Prima Marketing.

Just look at all of those fun images that you could play around with!

I only used four sprigs of flowers on the stool, so I have lots more of this transfer left for future projects too.

 I think the black drawings look great over that punch of turquoise.

This actually makes quite a comfy little stool too.

Perfect for sitting on while perusing your favorite magazine.

So what do you think?  Did I accomplish my goal of bringing this piece back to life?

I took it to Reclaiming Beautiful, the shop in Stillwater, MN where I sell on consignment.  I’m not sure if it’s still there or not.  It will be interesting to see whether or not someone buys it.

Thank you to Prima Marketing for providing the Spring Meadow Life transfer and to Fusion for providing the paint.

If you’re wondering where to purchase the transfer, check out Prima’s ‘where to buy’ page.

If you’re wondering where to buy the Fusion paint, check out their ‘where to buy’ page.

20 thoughts on “spring meadow life.

  1. How gorgeous!! May need to hunt down a couple. Would be cool with small casters as rolling stools for a craft room… Linda – awesome transformation!!


  2. I love the color that you chose to paint this piece. Those new transfers are so fun.I am going to have to get that one. 😊 Thanks for sharing.


  3. Definitely a trash to treasure transformation! Really cute! You are sure to sell it and get your five dollars back a few times over! Those transfers are really cute! Would be cute on whitewashed flower pots!


  4. I love this! What a clever idea to do with an old broken chair. I jumped up to look at my little stash of broken chairs to see if I had one I could do this with, but, alas, all the broken chairs my son had brought home for me ti “fix” have the legs broken off and the backs intact. I will be keeping a look out for an old chair I can do this too. It looks like it would make a rather comfy stool.


  5. Love the color! Is the table that the little stool is sitting next to the same color? Looks a little different, love that too!


    1. Yep, good eye, that color is different. It’s also milk paint rather than acrylic (Fusion is acrylic). It’s not a color that you can buy though, I mixed it myself using up various bags of milk paint. I called the color Green Alligator, you can read all about it here.


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