it’s officially fall.

I tend to not do a whole lot of seasonal decorating.  How about you?  I find as I get older that time goes by so ridiculously fast that it doesn’t feel worth it to get out the Halloween decor because in five minutes it’s going to be time to get out the Christmas stuff.  Do any of you feel that way?

Plus, nature does such an amazing job of decorating for fall that it feels silly to have to add anything more!

Apparently nature is trying to reinforce my opinion on that because the tiny pumpkins I added to my fairy garden last week have already been stolen.

I suspect that squirrels are to blame rather than klepto fairies though.  The white pumpkin disappeared first, and the orange gourd followed a couple of days later.  So much for that plan.

I have done a few fall craft projects in the last couple of years though, so I thought I’d recap them for you today in case any of you want to do some fall decorating yourselves.

I’ll start with my ‘hello fall’ book page banner.

Last year I shared a quick tutorial on how to make one using old book pages and your printer.

You’ve also already seen my french pumpkins.

The one above was made using a cardboard pumpkin, paint and some Fusion transfer gel.  Get all of those details here.

My second french pumpkin looked like this …

It’s an old wooden pumpkin transformed with some paint and a Prima Marketing transfer (details here).

Then there were the ‘hello fall’ toolbox planters.  The one on the bottom is painted in Fusion’s Mustard.  The one on the top is in its original red.

I used my Cricut machine to cut the words out of adhesive vinyl.  These are perfect for just popping in some mums and calling it good.

While I had the Cricut out that year, I also made some ‘hello fall.’ plates …

They are fun to add to planters full of mums, kale and hydrangea flowers.

I did whip up one more quick fall decoration this year.  I had a fake plastic pumpkin in my stash so I painted it white using Fusion’s Limestone.  Then I pulled out some Prima Marketing supplies; decor wax in a color called Eternal and a transfer called Simplicity.

Rather than try to apply the transfer as one whole sheet, I just cut out sections of the design to place randomly on my pumpkin.

It was a little tricky to place the flat designs onto a curvy pumpkin, but I’m OK with a little imperfection.

I used the Eternal wax to give the pumpkin a gold stem.  This was the first time I tried the Eternal, but it definitely won’t be the last.  It’s the perfect gold, and it was so easy to apply using a q-tip.

My new toile pumpkin pairs nicely with my french pumpkin, don’t you think?  OK, maybe not the most traditional looking fall decorations but they suit my style for sure.

23 thoughts on “it’s officially fall.

  1. Love starting my day with your posts! So pleasant and fun!! May I say I received the fall banner in a prize I won and it’s on my mantle and looks so amazing! Just sets the tone perfectly. And I love that I can leave it up right through Thanksgiving!!


  2. Since my children have grown up and flown the coop, my Halloween and Thanksgiving decor have morphed into general “Fall” decor, a simple theme which will carry me through Thanksgiving. Real pumpkins and gourds do not always last long enough, so your transfer pumpkins take the prize! Your creativity knows no bounds!


  3. These are lovely pumpkins! I usually buy some pumpkins and gourds for my covered porch. Last year the squirrels picked at them until there was a hole which makes them rot faster. They are not cheap when you get the blue ones and the heirloom type which I love! This year, 2 fake ones. I have so much trouble with squirrels, they have stripped the wicker on the legs of all my wicker on the porch and chewed a cushion to pieces for their nests! They know they are messing with you, like a game for thgem!


  4. Linda, I have always loved the ‘smalls ‘ you create for each season and this is no exception. I have been ordering Iron Orchid stuff, thanks to your inspiring projects. Now I just need to start using it. Last week I bought Dollar Srore pumpkins to decorate, but alas my puppies thought they were chew toys so now I have to start over. Think I’ll use something sturdier! I have some IOD stamps that should work great for the French Toile look. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Dang those squirrels stealing your pumpkins. So sorry to hear that.
    I’m not certain but I think I maybe a Quandie groupie. Just crazy about everything you do. And since toile is one my favorite things that new toile pumpkin is to die for. I love the way you applied it vs all over – very classy. I still want to do one of those book page banners too!
    I’m more into fall than Halloween but
    I live in a neighborhood with kiddos so I do a bit of both.


    1. Believe it or not, I pretty much seem to live in a kid-free neighborhood. At least when it comes to Halloween. I’m lucky if I get anyone at all at my door looking for tricks or treats. Usually Mr. Q and I have to eat all of the candy ourselves 😉


  6. Ok…I picture those pesky squirrels carting off the new cardboard pumpkins to the awaiting family and being totally disappointed as they try chewing through. Haaaa you got them!
    …and on another note those pumpkins are very sweet. A quick project for me to try in between customers at work.


      1. Actually we live just a few blocks from a park that has quite a few deer. Mr. Q and I walk there most days and we almost always see one or two deer. We’ve spotted them on our block a few times too, but so far they haven’t done too much damage to my gardens. Knock on wood!


  7. I was going to say your pumpkin looked like toile, but you beat me to it. It’s beautiful! Anything toile makes my heart just hum with happiness. That gold decor wax is the perfect shade – not too bright, nor is it gaudy. I really like it!
    I have a feeling an errant faerie was in on stealing your things with the squirrel. They are in cahoots! The squirrel is being paid to use its sharp teeth to gnaw doorways and windows into the pumpkin and gourd to make the ornery faerie a fancy new Fall home. Together, they will make a beautiful mansion and guest house! The squirrel is being paid in yummy chocolate nuts the faerie will get from it’s magical home in your garden.


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