foul weather friends.

Every so often my friend Meggan, the thrift doctor, and I get together on a Thursday evening for what we call Thrifty Thursday.

This tends to be a winter activity for us.  Meggan and her family have a cabin up north that they spend time at in the summer (one of these days I’m hoping she’ll write a guest blog post for us about her cabin, hint, hint Meggan), and I tend to do more garage saling rather than thrifting in the summer.  We hadn’t gotten together for a Thrifty Thursday since some time last winter!  Instead of ‘fair weather friends’ I think it would be more fitting to call us ‘foul weather friends.’  When the weather isn’t suitable for anything else, we go thrifting.

So last Thursday, which was chilly and rainy, Meggan picked me up and we headed to our local thrift store.

We always manage to come home with at least a few goodies.  Meggan has three outdoorsy boys at home and she always finds gear for them at bargain prices, but both she and I are on the lookout for fun vintage decor pieces too.

I always dig through the racks of hangers looking for any with old advertising on them.  I only found one this time …

But I also grabbed several plain vintage wooden hangers.

I thought it would be fun to see if I could add a little faux ‘advertising’ to them.  I started with some old 7 Gypsies rub-on’s that I had in my stash.

These are all from their set called Nomenclature and they ended up being perfect for these narrow hangers.

I pulled out some of the Prima Marketing knob transfers to use on the other two hangers I purchased.

I keep finding fun new ways to use these transfers.  They have just the right vintage vibe for the hangers don’t you think?

While I was digging around in my stash of Prima Marketing transfers I came across one that was a perfect fit for the enamelware refrigerator box that I also found while thrifting.

This is the bottom portion of the smaller sized Seeds transfer.  I’d used the rest of it on a chair recently and this bit was left over.

This box is the perfect size for storing all of my Prima Marketing waxes and chalk pastes.

That reminds me that I never did share that chair here on the blog.  It’s one that I painted, photographed, and then took to Reclaiming Beautiful to sell.  I didn’t get around to looking at the photos until after I’d taken the chair away.  In the end I had taken only one photo that was blog worthy, so I never blogged about it.

So now you know, I only share the cream of the crop here on the blog 😉

Speaking of which, I painted three pieces of furniture last weekend but we’ve had nothing but dreary weather unsuitable for photography since then.  Hopefully the sun will come out again soon.  Sometime before next spring would be nice.  Otherwise Meggan and I will have no choice but to continue thrifting every Thursday.

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16 thoughts on “foul weather friends.

  1. Oh yes, Thrifty Thursday is a perfect way to spend a dreary day. Your hanger ideas are great. Someone commented on my photo of my antique booth that hanging linens was the perfect was to display them, so I think I’ll take that advice and use my vintage hanger at the same time! Thanks for the inspiration. Oh, and your transfer on a wooden folding chair is great, I have a dark green one that didn’t sell in my booth, so lightening it up and adding a transfer is a way to update it and hopefully sell it next spring!


    1. Follow {this link} to a post I did about using the Metallique waxes. As for the newer Decor Waxes, I’ve only used them twice so far. First I used the Galaxy (a dark charcoal grey) with a stencil on {this buffet}, and then I used the Eternal on the stem of the pumpkin I shared on Monday. In my experience the main difference between the two kinds of wax is that the newer Decor waxes come in more colors and some of them are iridescent. The Decor Wax might be just a tad creamier. It also comes in a larger container. Hope this info helps!


  2. Love those hangers and Laura’s idea of hanging linens. That’s a great idea for tablecloths which take up so much room in a drawer. The enamel piece is awesome especially when you add those transfers. I was in a consignment shop this summer and walked past of couple of those. I went to fetch hubby to show them to him and bam someone else grabbed them. I like to know how I am going to use items when I buy them. I need to get over that while I’m thinking about it they disappear. ☹️ The chair is fab as well.


    1. That happens to me too Victoria! Someone snatches something right out from under me while I am still ‘thinking about it’. Put them in your cart, and then think about them. You can always put them back before you check out 😉


  3. I love it foul weather friend! haha, except our Roseville sales…it’s pretty beautiful out then 😉 I agree that our Thursday tradition should be more often, let’s make a plan for that! I will attempt photography at the cabin and share soon!


  4. I love the hangers and chair! I’m going to keep my eye out for those type of hangers.
    My 12 year old son is the one who gets me to go thrifting. He fell in love with our small town thrift stores when he was about 7. He went so much that they offered him a job when he was 10 to do their electronics work, check if items worked properly, and prepare things for sale. He’s always been a super-responsible child. When he came home and said they’d offered him a job, my first response was “Do they know how old you are??”. He’s tall for his age and gets mistaken for being 15 quite often. It ended up being a great Summer job for him doing something he loves – playing in old stuff – and I got first choice at all the great vintage furniture that came through! Now, I’m guaranteed to get great vintage stuff as gifts for birthdays,etc. He got me a great large 1960’s stereo cabinet with record player & stereo in a beautiful French styled solid wood cabinet for my birthday last week for $18! It’s in great shape except for some scratches. And, it works perfectly! My 28 year old went scavenging through friends things and got me some old records for it. It warms the heart seeing both my boys, 16 years between them, loving thrifting for their Momma. The secret- I’m going to refinish the stereo for the 12 year old who bought it for me. He has such a love for old stereo systems that I can’t resist!
    Have you ever used the chalk paste on anything on the blog? I can’t find ant good examples online for it’s use and thought if anyone knew about it, Quandie would!


    1. LOL, so funny, I’ve been scouring the web looking for people who have used the chalk paste too! So far I’ve just mostly seen people using it with stencils to add some dimension and/or texture to pieces. I’ve been putting off playing around with it so far, but I plan to do some experimenting with it soon! And how fun that your boys have inherited your love of vintage!


  5. What a great idea …. Thrifty Thursday! And so much healthier than Thirsty Thursday 🙂 Hope you get those sunny days ! Take care.


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