a chippy green table.

green with crate

A while back when my friend Donna dropped off a load of free furniture for me she included this sweet little table.

green table before

Aren’t those square feet fab?  I love the subtle detail on this piece.  It was in good shape too.  I just thought it would be even better painted.

So I painted it in my favorite shade of green milk paint, In a Pickle from Sweet Pickins.

I got lots of awesome chipping.

green table chippy

Just for fun, I tried a number of different locations for a photo shoot.

First the driveway …

green table in driveway

Although that bright back-lighting might work for certain shots, like this one …

green table driveway close up

I don’t think it showed off the table to its best advantage.

Next I tried the garden …

green table in garden

The lighting seems good.  No harsh shadows.  But does the green table get a little lost with all of the green behind it?

The white walls of the photo cottage seem to show this table off well.

green table 1

green table close up

Which background do you like best?

And if anyone local needs a sweet green table, check out my ‘available for local sale’ page for details because this table is for sale.

14 thoughts on “a chippy green table.

  1. All the shots are good and the one in the garden is my personal fav. You have terrific styling props. Did you find the watering can in that great shade of green? Or did you paint it? Sweet is the prefect term to describe this baby – and yes the square feet are fab as is the beaded detail.


    1. I have had that green watering can for many years. It just happens to perfectly match the “In a Pickle” milk paint. I’ve got a post coming up soon about my non-collection of watering cans 😉


  2. It shows the the table best in your cottage but it’s sweet anywhere. You always dress your furniture up perfectly!


  3. I also like the garden shot…all the greens are so cheery looking. Nice table too. Nice of Donna to give it up!


  4. Wondering how to get to the sale page u talk about. Don’t see a link or tab? Like table have a cleaned up 7 up crate that would look great under it. Height and width and price please. Thanks. Andrea

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    1. I’m guessing that you are looking at my blog on your phone? Maybe via an email if you are a follower? In which case you need to actually be looking at the blog itself online, and then just below the header you’ll find: home, about me, available for local sale, fab furniture and tour my house. Just click on the ‘available for local sale’ and you’ll see everything that is currently available. But I’ll save you the effort and email you with the details!


  5. I like it in the cottage the best 🙂 And that crate is the perfect size to set on the shelf. Very cute!


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