more fun with rust.

You may remember the recipe box that I painted last fall.  It started out looking like this …

Then I painted it with a sample of Miss Mustard Seed’s Bergere, added an IOD rub-on transfer and a metal key-hole escutcheon.

But I have to admit, that shade of blue just wasn’t doing it for me so I decided to start over.

I took my inspiration from the stool I painted when I first sampled the Dixie Belle chalk paint …

I repainted the box with the same Dixie Belle paint in Drop Cloth, with grain sack stripes painted in Dixie Belle’s Yankee Blue.  I even added a smaller version of the same Milk and Cream graphic using Fusion’s Transfer Gel.

I used some Tim Holtz rub-on numbers to add the “1953” to the front of the box.  This was to become a birthday present for my friend Terri, and I think you can all now guess what year she was born.  Then, instead of putting the key-hole escutcheon back on, I decided to add a little clasp to the front of the box.

I debated spinning a yarn here about how I found this old rusty hardware in a coffee can full of rusty bits and pieces that I picked up at an estate sale held in a big ol’ red barn out in the countryside, and I bet you guys would have believed it, right?  That would have been an awesome story.

But the real story is that I purchased a pack of 3 of these at Hobby Lobby for $2.50 during a half off sale and they were a sort of ugly ‘antique gold’.

So I used the Dixie Belle Patina Collection to add some rusty goodness.

I used the Prime Start first again since this little clasp is made out of metal.  Then I painted it with the Iron paint, followed by a spritz of the Green Patina spray (for more detailed instructions on using these products check out this post).  And now the little clasp looks like this …

I love that I can take something new and make it look old and rusty with this stuff!

Yep, I am much happier with the outcome this time and I’m pretty sure Terri liked it too!


16 thoughts on “more fun with rust.

  1. One of the nice aspects of paint is that there is never a “final coat!” Make-overs are easy. I like how you used the Dixie Belle Patina Paints and think I may try them on a chandelier to give it a coat of rusty goodness before updating with a drum shade. Thanks for the inspiration!


  2. I’m sooo glad you made over this cute little box! I’m using it for a recipe box…the old fashioned thing to do, but I still (being born in 1953) do some things the old fashioned way. Love the colors and the stripe, and of course, the beautiful hardware. Here’s to many more years of friendship 🍹🍷🍺


  3. I love the little hooks! I need to replace the loose screw and small pine block that closes a cupboard my mom painted. The cabinet is pine and it doesn’t take much for the short screw to fall out. This hook looks like it would work and look intentional. Thanks for the inspiration!


    1. I think this little clasp might be smaller than you think. While it works great for a small recipe box, I don’t think it would hold up to use on a cabinet. But I bet you can find something similar that is a bit more heavy duty. Check out the knob aisle at Hobby Lobby, they have all kinds of cool stuff there these days.


  4. Hey, that would a good makeover for you to do to my recipe box. That same one and it would go perfectly in my kitchen. Since I didn’t have room for the stool it would be a good compromise. .


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