the baked goods table.

Remember the green table I purchased a couple of weeks ago?


Pretty much everyone who commented voted for leaving the legs green.

You all spoke and I listened (not necessarily always the case, but this time it was).  But I did strip the ugly reddish stain off the top.  Once that was done I let my sister take over.  She sanded down the top and then she and I both stood back and studied the table.  We were in agreement to just add clear wax and keep the top rustic and pale.


Debbie also waxed the green legs just to clean them up a bit and give them a little protection from the elements.

I’ve decided that this table is the perfect size to use as the baked goods stand at our sale this weekend.  This year Debbie and Kris (my niece) are baking up a bunch of delicious fall goodies to sell.

I pulled the table out to do a dry run of how we’ll set it up on Saturday.


Of course it will be loaded with baked goods instead of these other things, but it was fun to play around with it some.

I’ll use my favorite wood crates to add height and display space.


I tucked a few things under the table for the photo, but they work so well with the green legs I may just have to display them this way for the sale too.


Some of these items on top of the table were just to fill in space for now, these spots will be filled with delicious baked goods by Saturday.


For now I’ll be hanging onto the green legged table, just because it’s such a convenient size.  I’m debating adding some casters to it so I can move it around more easily.  It would make a great work surface in my workshop.  Then again, things rarely hang around forever at my house!

10 thoughts on “the baked goods table.

  1. Lots! We have pumpkin and banana bread, pumpkin and applesauce cupcakes, mini caramel pumpkin cheesecakes, rice krispie bars and snickerdoodle cookies.


  2. If you start selling treats early those waiting in line will be so excited! (hint, hint!). By the looks of all these great items, I predict a stampede!


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