happy festivus.

I know October is a little early for Christmas decorations.  And I’m the first one to complain when the retail shops start setting up their holiday displays in October.  But when you only have one sale a year and it’s in October … well, you have to cover all of your bases.

And we just happen to have a pretty healthy selection of vintage Christmas at this year’s Carriage House Sale.

Have you admired my tree full of vintage ornaments in the past?


Well, now is your chance to start your own ‘non-collection’ of ornaments, these are only $1 each.


Even if you don’t want a tree full of vintage, how about just a few boxes stacked up somewhere for $4 to $8 for the entire box.


Some of the boxes are adorable in their own right.


How about displaying a big glass jar full of ornaments on your kitchen counter.  You can go with more subdued pastel colors rather than the traditional red and green.


(Sidebar:  can I just point out those delicious blurred colors in the background of my photo?  That’s a combination of my Tiger Eye sumac and my Vanilla Strawberry hydrangea.  We have just really started to get our fall colors here in the Twin Cities within the last few days.)

Maybe add a darling red gingham tray with a festive message leaning on your kitchen back-splash.


We have several vintage sleds on hand, these are perfect to display on your porch with some greens added, or maybe a pair of old ice skates.  I’ve added some festive stencils that I recently purchased on Etsy to a couple of them as well …


I may end up deciding I need to keep one of these for myself!

Don’t forget about plates with winter messages …


I’ll be adding one of these to my dining room Welsh cupboard for sure.

And Sue’s darling Christmas stockings …


Yep, it’s a little early, but Christmas will be here before we know it and you’re gonna want to be ready.  Let us help you with that at the Carriage House Sale!

12 thoughts on “happy festivus.

  1. Love Vintage Christmas no matter what time of the year. I wish I could come. I would love to purchase those ornaments. I wish you the best at your sale.


  2. Been a fan of vintage ornaments and the sleds for quite a while now. In fact I actually have a vintage sled similar to these. Just love the addition of the stencils which always seems to add more character. Why does the addition of lettering make items seem more authentically old?


  3. I have been looking for a way to contact you. I would like to offer to send some vintage table runners and such. I have been holding them for 25 years or more and at this point it is pretty certain that I won’t create something awesome with them. I see that Sue that you mention maybe the one that can give them new life.


  4. I am so bummed that I will not be able to attend your sale, I enjoy your blog and your ideas. Have a great sale! Maybe you could have a leftovers sale at a later date for those that can’t make it Saturday!!


    1. We’ve thought of that, but usually we don’t have enough stuff left over to make it worthwhile. But I should knock on wood when I say that, this could be the year that we have tons of stuff left over!


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