a jumble of chairs.

First things first, I drew a random name from the many people who commented on my post about vintage cameras and Jaci N. wins the free camera!  Thanks again for all of the comments.  I hope to host another giveaway soon.

Now, on with today’s post.  You know how groups of animals have specific names, like a ‘murder of crows’, a ‘troop of monkeys’ or a ‘school of fish’?  Well, with chairs a grouping is called a ‘jumble of chairs.’  OK, yes, I just made that up.  But it’s good, right?  Let’s make it a thing.

a jumble of chairs

I recently acquired a jumble of chairs from my friend Sue.

chair jumble

I happened to have a dining room table with no chairs, and Sue happened to be getting rid of her chairs but not her table.  So it was a no-brainer to pair her chairs with my table.

Although Sue’s chairs were already white, I was using Fusion’s Limestone on the base of my table and the white of Sue’s chairs was too bright in comparison.  So I sanded the chairs a bit to give the new paint every opportunity to stick to the old paint and then I added just one coat of the Limestone to update the shade of white on each chair.

chair backs

I also reupholstered the chairs with some fabric that I painted with a grain sack stripe.

chair seats

There are 8 chairs altogether, but one was still being re-glued when I took these photos.

chairs after 1

It may seem like I have six chairs that match, and two that are mismatched, but actually I have 4 pairs of 2 each.  The shield back chairs don’t all exactly match.  If you look really closely you can see that each pair is slightly different.

chairs 2

And of course the two with the square backs are entirely different.

chair single

But the paint color and fabric unifies them all and I think they will be perfect with the table.

I’m not gonna lie, it was quite the job to paint and recover 8 chairs.  I didn’t think I was ever going to finish!  I’ll be glad when this one is behind me.  Check back later in the week when I share the completed project including the table.

12 thoughts on “a jumble of chairs.

  1. First off I’m in with the “jumble of chairs”. Hey that ‘s a lot of chairs to paint. I bet you thought you’d never see the end of this project. And to think it took me 6 month to paint 2. It will be no surprise to you that I love the shield back chairs such beautiful lines. So you are selling them all together or individually? I realize you have a table as well and you did repaint the chairs to go with said table. I can just see them pulled up to a desk or vanity. Rambling once again. Nice job on the chair seats too!


    1. Thanks Victoria! I have a potential buyer for the table and all 8 chairs, however, it’s tentative. If she ends up passing on the set, I’ll probably sell the table with the six shield back chairs, and then I might keep the other 2 chairs for my own dining room.


  2. I was thinking a cluster of chairs, but I do like jumble! And they are all beautiful and cluster well together. I, too, hate painting chairs, so many places for secret drips and missed patches. But they turned out beautiful and will be perfect in your dining room.


    1. Ha! Cluster is good too, I like it 😉 Oh, but I’m not keeping them for my dining room, they have a tentative buyer but if she doesn’t take them they will be up for grabs.


  3. Love these and they will look great with your table! Always good to have friends thinking of you when the time comes to redo a room! Love the fabric choice…where did you find the fabric?


  4. A “jumble of chairs” is perfect! I would love these all around a table together, having come to love how unmatched items, connected through color, are joyful to the eye. I painted 4 spindle chairs with my daughter and now understand why painted chairs are rarely seen at occasional sales…TOO putsy and frustrating. Really like the faux grainsack seats!


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