a quandie quickie.

Each year for Administrative Professional’s Day I try to come up with something fun to give my accounting staff.  Last year I made floral arrangements in vintage enamelware tea cups.

flower groupSince I have to come up with five gifts and it’s on my own dime, I try to be creative and come up with something fun that doesn’t cost a lot of money.  After all, it’s the thought that counts, I hope.

Earlier this year I came across these little metal mailboxes at Target.

mailboxes before

They were intended for Valentine’s Day, but I thought I could make them work for my purposes.  Obviously the hearts had to go, and I really didn’t love the plastic red ‘flags’ on the side paired with hot pink.

So my first task was to paint them.  Have you tried the new matte finish spray paint from Rustoleum?

matte spray paint

I had not tried it, so this seemed like a good opportunity.  Please note that this post is not sponsored in any way by Rustoleum and the opinions expressed are just based on my own experience.  I had a lot of problems with a leaky spray nozzle.  You know what I mean, right?  When the paint drips down all over your trigger finger.  I also didn’t feel like the paint went on as smoothly as most spray paint.  It came out in blobby spots rather than as a fine mist.  Perhaps I had a defective can?  Or maybe I hadn’t shaken it enough (although I did shake quite a bit).  Possibly it was just a little too cold out that day.  In any case, it required quite a few coats to get a nice even coverage.  I lost count of how many.

But eventually they were done.

mailbox 1

And once done, the finish was very nice.  I love the matte-ness of it, and the Robin’s Egg blue is quite lovely.

I paired the mailboxes up with some cute ‘to-do list’ notepads. some pretty pencils and some candy.

mailbox notepads

It was fun to add my own spin to these inexpensive, off the shelf items.

mailbox 2

 And I’m pretty sure my co-workers enjoyed them!

11 thoughts on “a quandie quickie.

  1. Way, way better than a cold egg mcmuffin!!! Very thoughtful and nice of you…bet they were appreciated!


  2. I know your staff is beyond giddy as this day approaches. How fun the mailboxes are.
    Sounds like a defective can we use lots of spray paint here and have had our share of bad nozzles. Regardless they so fun.
    Did you paint the pencils too? That one looks to be the same color as the mailbox.


    1. These have an odd nozzle. Take a look at the photo of the can. I’ve always kept spare replacement nozzles on hand for spray paint since they do get clogged so easily. I’m not even sure this one is replaceable. Do you know? And no, I didn’t paint the pencils, they came that color. I’m just drawn to things in that color family.


      1. We have used that type as well and no I don’t think they are replaceable. To be honest I don’t think that works as well as the old style and the purchase able handle bracket to can snap on the can.


  3. Yes Linda it is the thought that counts. But the gift was fabulous and I’m sure they all loved it and felt special and appreciated. Something everyone needs now and then. I’ve used that spray paint a couple of times and had the same problem. Not sure why?

    P.s. I haven’t forgotten about the furniture pictures.


    1. Interesting to hear that you had the same experience. I wonder if it has something to do with the new nozzle design, or is it just the formulation of the paint?


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