showing some appreciation.

Happy administrative professional’s day!

flower group

Today is the day to appreciate the professionals who help make your job easier.  At the day job I have four of them, and each one is fantastic!  They know their jobs inside and out and make it look easy.

Since I work for the government, there is no budget for ‘appreciation’, so I am on my own when it comes to showing some for my staff (at least at my level).  Each year I try to come up with something that I can put together for them without breaking the bank.  I keep an eye out year round for supplies and then I tuck them away for the day.  Last summer I found a set of vintage enamelware cups and saucers at a garage sale, so I snatched them up because I knew they would be perfect for floral arrangements.

flower cups

I picked up some floral foam (the wet foam, meant for fresh flowers) and some chalkboard picks at Hobby Lobby, and then ran to Bachman’s for some fresh flowers.

flower supplies

If you’ve never used floral foam, it’s pretty easy.  To shape mine, I just pressed the cups into the foam to get an outline and then cut it with a sharp knife.

flower cup

I just kept trimming the foam until it fit neatly inside the cup.

flower foam

Then I saturated the foam with water and started adding flowers.  I started at the center with slightly taller stems, and then just kept filling in towards the edges.

flower close up

I used white roses, baby’s breath, Viburnum, hydrangea and some mums.

I added each person’s name to a chalk board stick using a chalk marker.

flower stakes

And stuck them in the foam.

flower tag close up

Wouldn’t these make great centerpieces as well?

flower arrangement

I hope they like them!

17 thoughts on “showing some appreciation.

  1. These are both charming and lovely and the perfect size to put on their desk. I know they will appreciate your thoughtfulness.


  2. These are very lovely. So thoughtful, and beautiful! I love the flowers that you chose, and as you said, they would be outstanding as centerpieces.


    1. Thanks Anya! I tend to gravitate towards more subtle colors with my flowers. Now that I think about it, these are really similar to the flowers I used in my window box last year. I’m still thinking about what I’ll use in the window box this year …


  3. Very clever – I can think of so many ways this lovely idea could be used! I’m sure your staff were very excited to receive them!


  4. These are so beautiful and you are so thoughtful. I know they appreciate your acknowledgement of their hard work. Good job!


  5. Good job Linda…once again, you show your appreciation of staff in an elegant and classy way. I’m sure they all loved it and appreciate the thought and effort you put into your appreciation of them….


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