throwback thursday no. 5

Once upon a time I made jewelry.

jewelry 1

I used a mix of new stuff and vintage hardware, when I could find it.

jewelry 5

jewelry 8

I also liked to re-work pieces of vintage jewelry into new pieces like the daisies in this necklace that were originally part of a bracelet.

jewelry 7

It was a great hobby for winter because it didn’t take up a lot of space to work on jewelry in the house (unlike painting furniture).

jewelry 6

I sold a lot of my jewelry at the Round Barn up in Andover, before Lori closed up shop.

jewelry 2

But I also made gifts for people, like this bracelet that I made for my niece.

jewelry 9

A big part of the reason I gave up this hobby is because I just didn’t like futzing with the tiny little parts. Β I need stronger and stronger ‘cheaters’ to see them, and I get easily frustrated while trying to hold little tiny bits and pieces with my not so dainty fingers.

jewelry 4

jewelry 3

I think my hands are much happier holding paint and a brush. Β For now I just plan to stick with furniture painting and leave the jewelry making for those with better eyesight and more patience.


11 thoughts on “throwback thursday no. 5

  1. What I find with creatives is that you can make fabulous things with any medium, whether it be jewelry or furniture! And don’t you think picking out the perfect hardware for your furniture is like it’s jewelry? πŸ˜‰


  2. Your jewelry was top notch…always loved looking at how you took little pieces of broken jewelry and madd it shine again…just like the furniture. Love the little “hand” too 😊


  3. I love your jewelry. I can understand about the failing eyesight! I used to close one eye and bring whatever it is close to the other so I can see or read it. No more. My eyes just aren’t working that way these days. I enjoy working with paper {cards, books, ATCs}, so I don’t need the kind of eyesight required to work on delicate and small items, thank goodness. But still… every once in awhile, I need those kinds of glasses/binoculars surgeons use while knitting back together delicate tissues! Best wishes!


    1. I love working with paper too, although I mostly only scrapbook. I don’t do that nearly as much as I would like to though. Thanks for your comment Fonda!


  4. So the only thing you don’t do is cook? The term “creatives” does fit you to a “t”.
    Jewelry, furniture, horticulture, scrap booking, photographer and blogger…. oh and
    world traveler. You would interesting to be stuck in an elevator with.


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