a quandie quickie.

I really enjoy quick little projects to just dress something up.  Improvements that don’t take long, but totally change the look of something.

I purchased this green metal box a while back.  I liked the lid, and that the box was quite heavy duty, but I didn’t love the forest green color.  Not to mention the fact that it looked decidedly ‘spray painted’.

green box before

I knew this piece could benefit from a makeover.  I started by sanding it rather well.  Partially to allow the new coat of paint to adhere well, but also partially to remove that spray paint texture.  I then painted it with two coats of Fusion’s Lily Pond, a pretty paler green.

green box painted

Next I used sand paper to distress the box.  I distress almost everything I paint.  I think distressing is what brings an item to life.  It gives it a sense of history.  It keeps the piece from looking ‘freshly painted’ and too bland.  It has a secondary function that I also like.  When a piece is distressed it doesn’t matter down the road if it gets a few more dings.  They just blend in with the intentional distressing.

You can really see the results of the distressing on the lid …

green box lid

Once the box was distressed, I went over it with some of Fusion’s beeswax just to get a richer sheen and to protect the areas that I distressed down to the metal.

Next, I glued on an enameled number plate using some E6000.

green box after

This box could be used to store all kinds of things.  It’s a nice size for your extra toilet paper rolls in the bathroom.

green box for tp

I use boxes like these in my pantry to store things that aren’t in the greatest packaging on their own.  Things like cat food, kleenex, cleaning products, etc.

smile jar

This was such a quick and easy update!  Projects like this are perfect for the working gal like me, you can accomplish them in one evening between supper and bedtime, while doing a load of laundry in between coats of paints.  Multi-tasking at its finest!

This weekend I plan to do some serious multi-tasking.  I’m finishing up a dresser and a buffet, plus I have a couple of smaller projects to work on as well.  But first my sister and I are going to attend the anniversary celebration at Reclaiming Beautiful in Stillwater this evening.  If you didn’t see my post about that over on their blog, check it out {here}.  Maybe I will see you there!

Mar reclaiming beautiful

7 thoughts on “a quandie quickie.

  1. So much better. I love the handle too and adding the label makes it just perfect. The color you used is the exact color my daughter wants to paint her kitchen cabinets. This makes me want to find something like this and duplicate it for her kitchen. Any advise or recommendations in regards to painting kitchen cabinets?


    1. What sort of ‘look’ does your daughter want on her cabinets? Does she want aged, distressed, layered, glazed, crisp & modern? {This} is a great article on the Fusion website about painting kitchen cabinets and it gives some ideas on how to get different looks. This is starting to sound like a commercial message, but Fusion is a great choice for cabinets because you don’t have to topcoat it with anything, which is going to save you a ton of work (and money) when doing lots of kitchen cupboards. Also, it’s fully washable once cured, a huge bonus in the kitchen. And if you already love this Fusion color (Lily Pond), you’re good to go! I think my biggest tip is once done, be careful not to scratch or ding them up before they are cured (usually 21 – 30 days with most paints). A lot of people don’t pay attention to the curing time with paints. My last piece of advice is to just hold your breath and dive in. Painting kitchen cabinets is a big undertaking and if you think about it too hard, you’ll never do it. Or wait, maybe that’s just me 😉


      1. Thx, so much, she’s looking for sort of a retro look. She collects fiesta dishes and Pyrex and I agree I think we need to just do it! Thx for the advice, I appreciate it very much.


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