the haunted typewriter.

Do any of you remember my post about the dresser that my friend Terri gave me?  I titled the post “another one bites the dust” and then went on to tell about how her uncle had died and left a house full of vintage goodies behind.  The title of the post referred to one of my Christmas ornaments that rolled off the dresser while I was taking pictures and bit the dust.  It never even occurred to me as I was writing the post that it might seem like the title referred to Terri’s uncle!

Duh!  Sometimes I’m a little dense that way.  But a number of you noticed it and commented.  Luckily Terri saw the comedy in the situation and didn’t take it the wrong way.

This is especially lucky because when she came to my hatbox party this past weekend she gifted me with a few more goodies from her uncle’s house including a haunted typewriter!

haunted typewriter

Why haunted?  This fabulous little blue Royal typewriter came in a case.  When Terri opened the case she found that there was a piece of paper in the typewriter and here is what it said …


(insert creepy soundtrack music here)

No lie people!  I think Uncle Don left us a message from the grave.

But I don’t care if this baby is the veritable Ouija board of typewriters …

royal close up

it’s perfect in my eyes.

This is actually typewriter no. 2 from the uncle’s house.  You’ve already seen the first one, this sweet little ivory colored Remington …


The Remington also came in a case and when Terri first told me about it she said she thought it was blue.  I swooned a little when she said that because as you may know pale 50’s aqua blue is ‘my color’.  When I opened the case and found the ivory typewriter I’ll admit that I was a little disappointed.  The feeling didn’t last long though, because this is a pretty sweet typewriter in its own right.

So when Terri showed up on Saturday with another typewriter from Uncle Don’s house, and this time it really was blue, well, I couldn’t have been more tickled.

typewriter on desk

vintage typewriters

And then to make it even more fabulous, she also gave me Uncle Don’s old camera!

Spartus camera

The Spartus Full-Vue will join his brethren in my non-collection of vintage cameras.

vintage cameras

Uncle Don may be ‘gone’, but his fabulous things will live on under my care.  Thanks a million Terri!

Check back on Wednesday for a synopsis of the hatbox party, which was great fun.  I’m also nearly done with a fab antique dresser, so I hope to be posting about that at the end of the week.  Stay tuned!

18 thoughts on “the haunted typewriter.

  1. I hear Twilight Zone music. Maybe you can type a note back?? Those gifts are incredible! You will put them to great use styling vignettes. I’m sure Terri will enjoy seeing her uncle’s treasures given a new life.


  2. Can I add another Wow? I sat down to take a few minutes to relax from a pretty stressful morning and boy am I glad I did. Love the story, love the that the gifted typewriter is your blue, and love you have yet another box camera to add to your non- collection. Teri is a keeper that’s for sure. Mostly however I love the supportive community that gathers here. It’s like stopping in for a chat among friends. All who cannot wait to see what treasures you unveil next.


  3. What a great article! Rest assured Uncle Don would be happy knowing all his treasures are still being appreciated. It’s always fun to find things that make someone so happy. I am lucky to have found such a good, not to mention talented, friend in Quandie.


  4. Okay, I love the typewriters, the camera and most of all the haunted note. And I agree with all the above that Terri is a treasure. But here’s my ‘haunted’ experience… At the bottom of your blog post is an ad that says “Rest in Peace” for life insurance. A coincidence?? I don’t think so.


      1. Ugh! Even I wouldn’t make you do that for me. Maybe the blue mason jar but you have to spread them you know where.


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