another one bites the dust.

Recently my friend Terri was helping family clean out her aunt and uncle’s house.  They have both passed away, and no one in the family wanted some of the items in the house.  Luckily Terri thought of me!  She sent over a dresser, a mid-century bureau and a small table plus a few other odds and ends.

This dresser was first up for a makeover.

kitchen scale before

Once again, I took the ‘before’ photo after Mr. Q did some prep work for me.  He removed the drawer pulls and gave everything a light sanding.  You can see pretty clearly in the photo just how light of a sanding it got.  Since I was planning to paint this piece in milk paint, I decided to sand a little more before painting.  But really, it just involved another pass by hand with a fine grit paper.  I just didn’t want to get too much chipping.

I’ll be honest with you guys, this dresser really didn’t have any damage or anything.  I just thought it was kind of ugly.  I wasn’t a fan of that ‘flame’ going up the center of the drawers and I felt like the side detail was just a bit too gaudy with that shiny finish.

I debated between Miss Mustard’s Marzipan (an almond white) and Kitchen Scale for this one.  I had both packages in my hand.  Then I stood there looking at the dresser.  Marzipan?  Kitchen Scale?  Marzipan would have been lovely.  But in the end, Kitchen Scale won.

kitchen scale 1

I think the paint really toned down the look of those carved side pieces.

kitchen scale angle

I used my trick with the tape to get some more chips out of this one.  It didn’t chip much at all on its own (probably thanks to that extra sanding I did).

kitchen scale chippy

But with a little encouragement from some tape, it turned out perfect!

I had grandiose plans for posting lots of furniture makeovers staged with Christmas decorations during the month of December, yet somehow I’ve only managed two.  And here we are with Christmas a mere 48 hours away.  Hmmmm.  So much for that plan.  Where did the month of December go?

Well, here’s one last hurrah!  I’ve staged this one with some aqua light bulbs …

aqua bulbs

and some of my most precious vintage aqua ornaments.

aqua ornaments

I have to tell you though, some vintage ornaments were harmed during the filming of this dresser makeover!  After taking this next photo, I turned my back for just a minute and I heard ‘tink, tink, tink, tink, crash!’

aqua ornaments 2

Sure enough, that round ornament next to the bell shaped one rolled right off the dresser and crashed to the floor.  Tragically, this was one of my favorites!  Doesn’t that just figure?  I shared it on the blog last year, I just loved its space theme.

fave blues

Drat!  I’m going to miss that one!  That will teach me to just play around with these all willy nilly.  I tend to break a handful of my ornaments every year, and so another one bites the dust.

This dresser is a big one by the way.  It’s 37″ wide and 45″ tall.  It could hold a lot of big warm sweaters for winter!

kitchen scale corner

What do you think?

kitchen scale dresser collage

If you need a place to store your sweaters (and are local in the Twin Cities) drop me a comment for more details because this dresser is available!

34 thoughts on “another one bites the dust.

  1. Sorry to hear about the demise of one of your vintage ornaments so sad. I am sure it’s no consolation but the staging it gave it’s life to is absolutely first rate. Those bulbs bring back such childhood memories. Did you paint the bit of aqua on the flour shifters or were you lucky enough to find them in the perfect colors? This chest is interesting. I don’t think I have seen a piece of this age with those fancy carved “pilasters” for the lack of a more accurate term. Kitchen Scale is such a pretty color – good call there. Doesn’t it constantly amaze you how much painting this improved those carved “pilasters” now they are gorgeous. MMS colors have the best names don’t they?


    1. Both of the flour sifters came in that color, so as you can imagine I snatched them up immediately when I saw them! I think I might have found both of them at thrift stores. MMS does have some great names for her colors!


  2. Love the color! Looks way better than the before! I agree with the trim looking a little gaudy and the flame pattern up the front. The blue makes the hardware look better as well. Sorry for the loss of one of your vintage ornaments!


    1. This is one of those cases where the photo doesn’t really quite capture the true look of the hardware. I think the pictures make it look darker than it is in person. Up close and personal it has more of a gold/brass color and there isn’t so much contrast between the hardware and the blue, which I think is a good thing. In other words, I think the hardware is even prettier in person 😉


  3. The dresser is beautiful. I painted a kitchen stool in kitchen scale. It’s a really pretty color. Love those aqua lightbulbs! So sorry about your ornament. Glad you at least have a picture of it. I opened my box of vintage ornaments last Christmas to find one of my favorites broken in the box. Always so sad. Have a very Merry Christmas.


  4. While the dresser transformation is awesome, I love the photos of the ornaments even more! Looking forward to all your posts in 2016.


  5. That is so funny when I read the title I started smiling. I told my BF when I die I want that song playing…I love Queen, but I said you know when people hear that song they couldn’t help but smile. Just a lasting thought!


  6. If I lived in the area, this dresser would be coming home with me. Such a beautiful color. I am a new subscriber (about 6 months) and I have enjoyed every single post. Your skill in bringing the furniture back to life (and for a modern world use) is wonderful. Your staging and photography is suburb. Thank you for inspiring me all the way from CA. Bravo!


    1. Well hello Paula! I have to say, I have admired your work as well! I purchased some Tim Holtz rubber stamps once after seeing some tags that you made with them (this one). I absolutely love this card as well. So how cool is it to learn that you are following me?! Woo hoo!


  7. Grandma McDonough would be rolling over in her grave to see that someone had actually painted her beautiful dresser…that’s jusf because she (and my guy) don’t “get” how much more beautiful the dresser is with the update. Sometimes people just can’t see past the wood to see the possibilities. I knew you would make it gorgeous again and make some family happy. Great job once again. Merry Christmas to you and yours…


  8. It looks so much better painted. And a really beautiful colour too. But what a shame the ornament got broken.
    Merry Christmas…


  9. LOL… if you read your post title … then the first two sentences … let’s just say I was a little relieved you were talking about an ornament! Hopefully you’ll be able to find another one like it in your treasure hunting. Beautiful dresser transformation, as well!


    1. This was definitely one of those cases where I didn’t read my post all the way through again after changing the title (I often change my titles several times). In this case, the pun was totally unintended 😉


  10. Love your makeovers. Unfortunately, like you, I had the same space themed ornament and broke it last year. It had been in our family for over 50 years.


    1. Oh my gosh, it would have been an even bigger bummer to break that ornament if it had sentimental value like yours did. Well, I will be keeping my out for a replacement, and if I find more than one I will keep you in mind!


  11. I can’t believe that amazing chest just found its way to you … You get some of the best pieces!! I need to rent a big uhaul and make a trip up to pick up some pieces from your area. Another beautiful makeover! And sorry about your ornament–that’s a bummer 😦


    1. I definitely got lucky on this one! But yes, there are a lot of fab pieces to be found up here in Minnesota. Let me know when you’re ready to make that road trip, I’ll hook you up 😉


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