linen times 2.

Up until last winter, I had this black waterfall buffet in my dining room.

waterfall buffet painted black

I really liked this piece, and I loved the suitcases stacked in the center section.  But I was struggling with how dark the room was.  And that back wall was especially dark, so the big black buffet sort of created a decorating black hole.

When I made the decision to spruce up the dining room, I thought bringing in white furniture would help lighten up the room.  I wanted to use the hutch that I painted way back in December 2013.

jonas hutch

I originally took this hutch to the Round Barn to sell, and it never sold.  So when Lori decided to close up shop, I brought it back home.  I didn’t mind that it hadn’t sold, because I really love it.  I thought it was a sign that I should keep it.  So I sold the black waterfall buffet and put this one in its place.

Can you see the problem though?  Here, this picture makes it more obvious …

hutch lost

That poor thing was just lost on that wall.  The scale was all wrong.  I tried to add some visual size with the plates, which did help a little.  I also debated adding old doors leaning against the wall on either side of it.  Maybe adding some sconces to the doors, and hanging some art on them.  That might have worked.

But ultimately I just decided that I needed a bigger piece!  I had a mental image of what I wanted. An open hutch where I could display my ironstone without it being behind glass.  I wanted it to be LARGE to fill up that wall and so that when I painted it white it would bring a lot of light into the room.  So I went to craigslist and I searched “large hutch” and this one came up.

pine cupboard before

It was priced at $425 which was a bit high for me.  It was also way out in Ham Lake, about a 40 minute drive from here.  However, it was exactly what I was looking for.  I loved the detailing at the top, the size, the boards at the back.  So I contacted the seller and negotiated a price of $375 and headed to Ham Lake the same day!

In person, this hutch ended up being another ‘faux-tique’ just like the Rooster cupboard that I painted for my Q Branch.  It has the same exact hinges (which are hard to describe, but kind of weird in that they twist and come apart) and the same faux-old skeleton key that is required for opening the doors on either side.  Both of these pieces have no labels on them, so I don’t know if there was a particular manufacturer making them or what.  But since I’d had great success with the earlier cupboard, I knew I would love this one too.  So I brought it home and painted it the next day!

And voila!

hutch 1

I think this piece is scaled much more appropriately for this room at 6′ wide and 7′ tall.

hutch 2

Here are the details.  The inside is painted in Fusion’s Linen.  I chose to use Fusion paint on the inside because I didn’t want to have to wax all of that!  Especially those boards in the back.  The outside is painted in Miss Mustard Seed’s Linen.  You know what’s funny, I didn’t realize until writing this post that these paint colors had the same name.  It’s Linen times 2, or Linen squared!  The MMS Linen is a warm white, while the Fusion Linen is a greige with a little bit of a green undertone.  Oh, and the reason I chose MMS on the outside is because I wanted chipping.  The more the better.  I was willing to pay the price of waxing to get that chippy-ness!

hutch stencil

And I got it!

Although not at first.  I had to resort to my new trick of using tape to pull the paint off.  But that worked beautifully.

You can see that I also added a little bitty stencil to the top, just to give it a little something unique.

hutch chipping

The “1918” doesn’t signify anything special, I just liked the way it looked!  Stacking some vintage suitcases on the top also adds a fun touch.

hutch top

This thing is huge, by the way.  It’s going to take a lot of ironstone to fill it up properly.

hutch ironstone

I’ve made a good start, but clearly I’ll be on the lookout for more!

As much as I liked using the French Market wood tote on the table, it turned out that it worked even more perfectly on the hutch.

dining french market

So for now I have some hydrangeas in an ironstone soup tureen as a centerpiece instead.  The hydrangeas are starting to show their fall colors.

dining room hydrangeas

If you’re keeping track, here is what I’ve checked off on the dining room make-over to-do list so far:  new chairs, new light fixture, new hutch.

dining room south

Here’s what’s left:  paint the window trim white, find new light kit for ceiling fan, a change for the table (you’ll have to wait and see), come up with something for the large wall that was formerly full of mirrors (the mirrors have already been removed and now the wall is a blank canvas).

 So stay tuned!

P.S.  The smaller hutch is for sale if anyone local has a smaller wall to fill!  If interested, leave me a comment and I will email you with details.

24 thoughts on “linen times 2.

  1. The new, larger hutch is gorgeous and looks very regal in the room. Amazing how a larger piece actually grounds the room without overpowering it. I love the idea of the old door with sconce and art…perhaps 3 of them would work on the long wall? Can’t wait for the next reveal tidbit!


  2. 1918 means hope and a new beginning to me. 1918 was the year WWI ended and Woodrow Wilson came forward with his 14 points and League of Nations idea. 1919 was the year such high ideals fell in the scrap heap of history as the squabbling over the details of The Peace began. However, as a counterpoint it makes 1918 shine all the brighter!


  3. Wow! What a difference that cupboard makes in there! Is that considered a Welsh Cupboard? I love the open shelves and all your ironstone! Great update. It really does brighten things up. Thanks for sharing! I think you got that for a real steal!!


    1. I didn’t know what a Welsh Cupboard was, so I googled it and yes, I think you are right. This would qualify. Thanks for mentioning that, now I know what to call it!


  4. Man, Linda. You did it this time! Spectacular. I would not even know it was the same room if not for the dark wood walls & ceiling! I really didn’t like the hutch when you first showed it but once your hands got ahold of it, it was a totally different piece. The room is coming together beautifully. I wish I could take that buffet & convert with wine racks but I know it is too wide for my space, darn. Keep a look out for a closed drawer wine rack thingee for me.


  5. Smashing just smashing! I have a Welsh Cupboard myself adore them. I love everything thing about this Linda – the paint job is brilliant love the 1918 bit. I wish mine was full of ironstone instead I have Wedgewood Edme creamware. But your collection is off to a great start and the hunt is half the fun of collecting. I have to be honest I was so in love with the black rendition I was sad to hear it was going away. Of course I knew you had a master plan brewing. Painting the window trim is also genius it will add even more freshness to the space. I just love it!


  6. What a beautiful, beautiful piece! I have a similarly shaped hutch that I inherited from my parents, but its a bit smaller. It is dark wood and just too heavy for the look I’m going for. I love seeing yours in white as another idea. I always forget that I can just repaint it, too. Ooh, maybe Mora would be pretty!


  7. …awesome job down to the suitcases (glad you kept those), and hydrangeas. Inspiration for us all. Are you still able to get as much painting in once the weather turns cold?


    1. Sadly no, I am not able to get as much painting done in the winter. I only have space indoors to work on one piece at a time. In summer I can line them up in the driveway and paint 2 or 3 pieces at once, as long as it isn’t rainy. This piece was so big that I had the top section on one side of my carriage house and the bottom section on the other (my carriage house has a wall down the middle on the bottom floor, each side is about the size of a single car garage stall). It would have been a challenge to paint this piece inside the house!


  8. It’s perfect, the size and open shelves!! Now you can have even more fun adding to your ironstone collection:) Love everything you have done with this room!


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