the hutch.

Remember my faux European grain sack?  Well, I had a purpose in mind for it when I made it.

Jonas hutch 1

I saw something similar on pinterest and thought it was fantastic.  So when I found this hutch on craigslist, I knew I had to try this myself.  I’ll admit this piece was in much better shape than the pieces I usually work with.  I might have even felt a tiny little twinge of guilt over painting it.  However, I wanted to take it from ‘grandma’s hutch filled with her tea cup collection’ to amazing.  And I hope that is what I did.

I painted him with Miss Mustard Seed’s ‘grain sack’ overall.  The trim at the top, and the oval on the drawer are painted in Miss Mustard Seed’s ‘typewriter’.  I have noticed that many furniture refinishers swap out the hardware on their pieces for something new, but I prefer to keep the antique hardware whenever possible.  These drawer pulls were gorgeous and full of character, so I kept them.

jonas hutch close up

With the grain sack ‘curtain’ this hutch becomes a fantastic storage piece that could be used for just about anything.

jonas hutch 2

  Personally, I would keep it this way.  But, one could also remove the sack and use this as a display cabinet.

jonas hutch 5

I think this hutch is a stunner.  I am SO tempted to keep him, except I have a very similar piece on my front porch already.  So, I will be delivering him to the Round Barn in Andover soon for some lucky buyer to discover.

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